Wholesale Tops Q&A: Ways to Wear a White Shirt

Wholesale Tops Q&A: Ways to Wear a White Shirt

If you are familiar with purchasing wholesale tops, you know that this is the most economical way to spend your fashion budget. With prices that are often cheaper than the lowest clearance prices at retailers, an entire wardrobe can be refreshed for the price of a few full price items at your favorite store. Since most of us have a white button down shirt at home, read on for some interesting ways to make the most of this wardrobe staple.

How can I make my white shirt look more chic?

One of the great things about wholesale tops is that there is such a selection, even from something as seemingly mundane as a white shirt. Purchase a few different styles of wholesale tops that are white button-down shirts to ensure you have what you need, regardless of the occasion. In this case, a top in a soft material is perfect tucked into a pair of black ankle pants. Leave a few buttons open at the top, add a thin gold or silver necklace, a pair of dainty drop earrings, and some fabulous heels, and get ready to stun!

Can I still wear my white shirt with jeans?

Absolutely! Look for wholesale tops that are your basic white button-down cotton shirt. Tuck it into a pair of stylish jeans, and roll up the sleeves. Add a skinny belt and a pair of pretty flats for a classic look.

Can I wear my white shirt to a dressy event?

This can be one of the trickier events to wear this type of shirt to, but it can certainly be done. Tucked into a skirt made from a fancier fabric such as velvet, lace, or metallic material, a white shirt can still look dressy enough for just about any event. Add large, complementary accessories (you can purchase these along with your wholesale tops) to keep the look dressy.

I really like some of the new trendy skirts, but can they be worn with a non-trendy top like a white shirt?

Actually, one of the best ways to get in on new trends is to pair one hip piece with a more traditional item that you feel comfortable in. Whether you want to try the newest fashion of pant or skirt, a white top keeps it from looking too fashionably desperate, while keeping you feeling grounded in your personal sense of style.

Is it ok to wear my white shirt completely unbuttoned?

It depends. If you are planning to wear your white shirt over a boring tank top, skip the idea and stick to the buttons. However, if you are considering wearing the shirt for practicality, say, a cold office but hot walk to the office, look for some wholesale tops that are more fashion-forward to wear on your walk, and add the white shirt over it for work. After work, you can scrunch it up in your tote bag, and you’re ready to go!

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Wholesale Fashion Accessories: Hosiery Q & A

Wholesale Fashion Accessories: Hosiery Q & A

One of the great things about wholesale fashion accessories is that they are affordable no matter what your budget. Whether you are someone who revamps their closet every season or just looks for the occasional update, wholesale fashion accessories save both time and money, allowing you to focus on more important things. One of the biggest areas of questions when it comes to wholesale fashion accessories, though, is hosiery.

What part of my outfit should my hose match?

The entire purpose of hosiery, besides to keep your legs warm if you’re cold, or to cover up any imperfections, is to tie your outfit together. While it would be great if there was a quick and easy answer to this question, in reality it depends on what you are wearing.

If you are wearing a black skirt, brown top, and brown shoes, it would look best to wear the lighter tone- brown- as hosiery, as black hose against brown shoes would look just way to heavy. However, there are cases, such as with dresses or especially, in which matching the shoes and hose would look far too dark, and cut up your body into two parts- dress, and the rest. In this case, shoes that are darker look better with lighter hose.

How do I know what color pantyhose to choose?

When purchasing wholesale fashion accessories such as hose, it’s best to go with a color that is so close to your natural leg color that others can’t really tell that you’re wearing hose. Referred to as “nudes,” these hose can literally be worn for any occasion and with any outfit. This is the most classic look.

White hose comes and goes in the world of fashion, but most women find that it looks too girly, and steer clear. Rather, darker colors tights that are opaque in nature are a good option, while those with tiny fishnet patterns or polka dots add a subtle, dressier touch.

What about knee-highs with a skirt?

Ugh. Unless you are intentionally going for a tacky look, knee highs should only be worn with long pants. Even long skirts sometimes billow up, have slits, or ride up, allowing for the ugly tops of the knee high hose to be seen by all. Just don’t do it.

If you simply can’t stand pantyhose, you still have a couple of options. Purchase panty hose a couple sizes too big, and you won’t have to deal with the tugging, pulling, and inevitable tearing of wearing hosiery “in your size.” Otherwise, feel free to invest in a pair of thigh-high stockings, which have almost no risk of being seen, unless you have a penchant for miniskirts.

Can I wear pantyhose with sandals?

In most cases, it’s best to just skip the hose, but if you simply can’t bear to do so, look for wholesale fashion accessories hose that don’t have the reinforced toe or toe seam, in a color that matches your skin tone as close as possible, and you’ll be fine.

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Wholesale Apparel Q&A: For the Over 40 Set

Wholesale Apparel Q&A: For the Over 40 Set

Some people seem to assume that just because you are “over the hill,” you no longer will really care that much about how you look. They could not be more wrong. The truth is, when you feel like you look good, you will indeed look good, regardless of what is currently hot in the every-changing world of fashion. Wholesale apparel can help you to find what you like, in a color and size that flatters you most.

How can I feel sexy without looking like a cougar?

This is actually one question that is at the back of many women’s minds. No one wants to look like they are chasing their youth and the glances of much younger men, especially those that are happily married. However, it is quite nice to feel hot every once in a while, and your significant other will likely appreciate it as well.

While a bit of cleavage can be nice, skip the tops that show a lot. If you find a low-cut top that you simply must have, wear a tank top underneath. Also avoid the sky-high stilettos, corset tops, and mini skirts. Rather, look for wholesale apparel in fabrics that are sexy, such as velvet, satin, or lace- but not those that scream at you, such as tight, shiny Lycra.

If you wear a pair of slim jeans, go for a loose top. The reverse is true as well: tight top, loose pants. Animal prints are very much allowable, but steer clear of tight animal print or you will literally look like a cougar.

Most of all, wear what you feel pretty and comfortable in. You don’t have to wear something skin-tight and tiny to feel sexy. In fact, your favorite worn-out sweatshirt and drawstring pants may be one of your mate’s favorite outfits. Offer him the chance to select your outfit now and then. You might be surprised!

How do I avoid “Mom jeans?”

Easy- don’t buy them! There are plenty of choices in wholesale apparel when looking for a pair of jeans. Dark denim is perfect for a more pulled-together look, as long as the shape is tailored. (Plus, dark denim makes you look slimmer than the faded ones.) Boot-cut jeans, or flares, are a great way to flatter your figure and keep up with the general trends in jeans. Wear them with a heel and you’ll look like you have legs “to there.”

Fans of skinny jeans should consider black skinny jeans. While your teenager may roll her eyes, they are actually very slimming and sophisticated, particularly when paired with more black on top.

Also, avoid a desperate mother look by steering clear of any head to toe denim looks, whether it is overalls or a pair of jeans with a denim top. This is simply dreadful, unless you are on the farm driving a tractor.

Regardless of what jean you choose, pairing them with a pair of heels will instantly increase your style. Even just a pair of ½” heels are enough to take your jeans up to another level.

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Wholesale Clothing Q&A: Winter Time

Wholesale Clothing Q&A: Winter Time

While it may be 90 degrees and sweltering outside right now, retailers and designers are already in full swing in their planning for the winter months. Collections specifically for the holiday season usually pop up in stores in October, and while these particular types of clothing aren’t available as long as most others, holiday collections make up almost fifty percent of the annual income for many retailers.

Since stores are understandably trying to make as much income as possible from this type of clothing, consumers often find themselves paying out much more than they anticipated for the latest fashions. However, by simply switching your spending habits to an online wholesale clothing website, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on your wardrobe.

Can I still wear short cocktail dresses in the winter?

Anyone that lives in a climate where it is warm year round (lucky!) can easily get away with wearing just about whatever they want in the winter, however short. For the rest of us less fortunate ones, though, a short dress worn in the winter requires some thought. Naturally, we won’t be comfortable if we’re freezing our buns off, but we also sometimes feel like showing a little leg during the doldrums of winter.

A short cocktail dress would be best worn with some tights, especially those have special accents such as tiny polka dots or sparkles if the dress is rather plain. For a sparkly, look at me dress, however, go for hose or tights that are sheer and skin the patterns. Be sure to take your shoes into account; you don’t want support toe hose peeking through your peep toe shoes.

Also consider purchasing wholesale clothing wraps or cute cardigans to keep you looking like fashionable yet warm.

Is animal print too “heavy” in the winter?

Absolutely not! Since many women tend to wear neutrals such as brown and black more in the winter, animal print is especially welcome for its ability to go so well with these colors. However, avoid mixing animal prints or wearing a huge floor length animal print coat, or you’ll simply look gaudy. Rather, many wholesale clothing websites offer accessories in animal print that are cute and affordable.

What about jewel tones- can anyone pull them off?

As always, if you don’t feel comfortable in an ensemble, you’re most likely going to look it. While fashion is the name of the game, you simply must look for wholesale clothing that is within your comfort zone. Jewel tones can indeed be worn by anyone, and are especially welcome in the dead of winter. There is really only one caution with wearing jewel toned wholesale clothing, and that is to avoid mixing and matching jewel tones. Instead, purchase few pieces that you love and wear with them with classic black. While white is indeed welcome in the winter time now, pairing wholesale clothing with jewel tones will make you look like you accidentally dressed for a spring outing.

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Fashion Q&A: Fashion Wholesale for Tall Women

Fashion Q&A: Fashion Wholesale for Tall Women

Only women that are naturally tall really understand how difficult it can be to find clothing that fits well and doesn’t make them look like a tramp because it’s so short. In addition, some colors are simply overwhelming when worn by a tall woman who towers over many of the other people in a crowded room, drawing unwanted attention. Look to buying fashion wholesale to get the kind of attention you want.

Purchasing fashion wholesale is a great solution for women who struggle to find the time and money to spend in a local mall, generally ending up with bags of clothing that are simply acceptable, rather than something you love. Instead of wasting your money and time on items you will never wear, why not purchase fashion wholesale and end up with only that which you love and fits your budget?

Can I wear orange?

Recently orange has been seen on models, both on and off the runway. However, you can’t simply pick any shade of orange and think you can pull it off. Those with an olive complexion would look best in a burnt orange color, and brighter hues can be pulled of by just about anyone. Be sure to consider accessories, though, while buying fashion wholesale. They can easily be purchased along with your clothing. In this case, break up the color a bit with a neutral-color belt or scarf.

What about the long sleeved mini dress? Can a tall woman pull this off?

Also seen recently on the red carpet are the long sleeved mini dresses. Most of the tall women that have been seen wearing these have opted for bold fabrics and high necks. This is the way to go; since the hem of the dress is so short, it needs to be balanced out on top with a more modest top.

If you opt towards a more conservative, less obvious fabric, you can get away with showing a bit more skin. Shorter sleeves or a lower neckline both would look appropriate in this case, but not with in your face fabric.

Long sleeved mini dresses still look appropriate, even if they are tighter than you would normally wear. Since much of your body is covered in fabric, it still looks nice if you show off your curves a bit.

As far as fashion wholesale accessories go, high heels and muted jewelry are perfect for the fabrics that shout at you, while dresses that are more toned down can be paired a long, simple necklace to look put together.

Can I pull off a super-short jumper?

In general, tall women should avoid wearing one-piece jumpers. Rather, look for fashion wholesale pieces that can blend seamlessly with one another, even creating the illusion of a jumper. Most one piece rompers simply don’t have a long enough torso for tall women, and end up bunching up unattractively. If you do opt for super short shorts, cover up more on top, even if it’s with sheer long sleeves.

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Wholesale Fashion: Wedding Q&A

Wholesale Fashion: Wedding Q&A

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to look and feel like a princess. After all, it’s your big day, and you’ll remember it always! Whether you are getting married for the first time or the fifth time, there are a number of questions for the big day when it comes to being fashionable yet traditional.

Do I have to wear white?

Absolutely not! More and more women are opting for colors other than white. Some are selecting traditional styles of wedding dresses in pale hues, cream colors, and even black. Even if you opt for the white dress, you can still purchase some wholesale fashion accessories in your wedding colors for a surprising accent.

I don’t really want to wear a traditional dress, but I also don’t want to offend my more traditional relatives. What do I wear?

There are actually a lot of options for wedding dresses from wholesale fashion websites. Whatever dress you fall in love with for your big day, the best bet to keep from causing any heart attacks is to keep one aspect of the dress traditional. A shorter style dress is perfectly acceptable, but opt for white or off-white colors. Alternately, a longer dress style is naturally more reminiscent of the bridal gown, so a less traditional color is more of a possibility.

What should I wear to the reception? Do I have to change?

There is no reason to change for the reception, unless of course you want to. If you are perfectly happy wearing your wedding gown all day, then go for it! Some brides start off wearing their gown to the reception, and change to a more comfortable dress after the first dances and obligatory reception activities. There are tons of wholesale fashion dresses to choose from that are ideal for this purpose.

Many brides prefer to wear a completely different dress to their reception, which is also just fine. The best choice is often a dress that slightly echoes the wedding gown in some way, such as with some of the small details. Look for a dress in one (or more) of your wedding colors to ensure that there is no clashing with the decorations, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to dance the night away!

Is it corny to give my bridesmaid’s accessories for their attendant gifts?

Many brides still choose to give accessories to their attendants, and this is generally much appreciated. However, more practical brides opt for more practical gift items. While a tiny, glittery clutch purse may look great with a bridesmaid gown, it will likely be used only once. Instead, check out other items on wholesale fashion websites that will be more likely to be worn again. A larger purse in a neutral color, jewelry that can be worn with just about any outfit, and pretty hair accessories are all great options. By purchasing from a wholesale fashion website, you can purchase all of your gifts for the price of just one in a retail store.

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Wholesale Dresses Q and A: Dresses for Your Body Type

Wholesale Dresses Q and A: Dresses for Your Body Type

We all long for that perfect dress: one that makes us look and feel like a million bucks- without costing that much. Unfortunately, retailers don’t offer much of a selection, and we end up settling for less. With wholesale dresses, though, you can have the best of it all- an impressive selection, rock bottom prices, and wholesale dresses that look and feel amazing.

What dress is best for a bottom heavy figure?

The easiest way to slim a bottom heavy figure is to select wholesale dresses that skim the lower part of the body. Fuller skirts help disguise a larger mid-section, while a tighter bodice accentuates the waist and draws the eye up and away from your problem areas. A fitted halter top or strapless dress is perfect for this body type.

Are there any dresses I can wear to disguise my under arms?

This is yet another body type that can be difficult to dress, as most dresses show much more arm skin than is desirable. Look for wholesale dresses that have sheer sleeves or elbow-length sleeves to cover up a bit. Alternately, purchase some cute cover-ups for dresses that you otherwise love. A sheer black cover up, shrug, cardigan, or even a sheer scarf is all ideal.

I’m petite and can’t find a dress I like! Help!

Even perusing the petite section can still end up finding only dresses that obviously do not fit well. Unless you want to shell out the big bucks for high end petite boutiques, check out websites that offer wholesale dresses to consumers. Just as most of them offer selections for plus sizes, petites are also often available. Steer clear of dresses that are too cutesy, with lots of ruffles, puffed sleeves, or big bows, or you’ll end up looking like a little girl playing dress up.

Instead, a dress with lots of shape to it, such as one with horizontal seaming, is the way to go. One that is scaled for your figure is a must, and ruffled trim make you look put together without risk of looking like you are dressed for a Halloween party or costume party.

Are there any attractive dresses that let me cover up my unsightly legs?

Just because you don’t like your legs, you don’t have to pass up wholesale dresses and skirts, and stick only to long pants. Try wearing a dress that is longer, such as one that hits you mid calf or lower, and add your favorite pair of heels. If you are still self-conscious, a pair of hose can easily help disguise any imperfections on your legs while still allowing you the freedom of wholesale dresses and skirts.

Do I have to hide my wide shoulders when I wear a dress?

Definitely not! All you need to do is look for features that balance out your body, such as wholesale dresses in one shoulder styles. Avoid any dresses with puffy sleeves or shoulder pads, and get ready to stun!



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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Summer Q&A

Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Summer Q&A

Does the thought of summer make you cringe instead of spread your arms and whoop for joy? If so, your summer wardrobe just may be the cause of the dread. While some women look to the season’s heat to show off their bangin’ body, most of us could use a few extra trips to the gym before we’re quite ready to shed our layers of clothing. If this is you, wholesale fashion clothing is an economical solution to a widespread problem: summer fashion slug.

What shorts are best for me? I’m not as young as I used to be….

Along with age comes the potential for our legs to go downhill. Age spots, veins, and cellulite are just a few of the complaints women voice in opposition to wearing shorts. Knees are simply the ugliest body part in many people’s opinion, making knee-length shorts desirable for some. While these are indeed ideal for tall women, those of average height or shorter tend to end up looking rather stubby, as these cut the leg in half visually.

Rather, look for wholesale fashion clothing providers that offer more options. Regardless of your size, shorts that flair out are just unflattering and look like something you pulled out of from behind the sofa. Rather, consider straight lines in shorts that are more slim fitting, and don’t be afraid to raise the hemline above the knee.

What are the rules for wearing a two-piece swimsuit?

As is the case with fashion in general these days, there are no clear-cut rules. Even asking swimsuit experts this question will result in a vague response about one’s personal preference. With no guidance, what’s a girl to do anymore?

The same with all other wholesale fashion clothing- do what you want, how you want it! If others tell you that you have the body for a string bikini, but strongly disagree, if you decide to go the beach in one, you will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Never let fashion make you feel negative in any way.

Instead, wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in, plus size women included. There is no age limit on when to stop wearing a two-piece and settle for a one piece; this is completely up to you. In a nutshell: make your own rules!

What are the fashion rules for wearing white to a wedding?

We are finally getting out of the dark ages of fashion and allowing for individuality rather than strict rule following. While it has been a fashion faux paux in years past to wear white to a wedding, some women feel comfortable doing so. Case in point: during the Royal Wedding, Pippa, the Maid of Honor, wore white! If you do choose to go in this direction, be sure to add colorful accents to help set you apart from the bride. And be sure that the bride would not be offended by your wearing white, as well.

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Wholesale Clothes Q&A: Winter Fashion

Wholesale Clothes Q&A: Winter Fashion

During the frigid months of winter, often it seems as though the world will never again warm up so that you can again wear your beloved skirts, and sandals. Winter dreams are made of the breezy, comfy styles of summer, the warm feeling of the sunshine as it envelopes your body, and the sound of the waves gently splashing onto the beach. Waking up out of such dreams does not have to be a nightmare with the advent of wholesale clothes for consumers.

What shoes can I wear during winter that keep my feet warm without cramping my style?

Past winters have demonstrated the popularity of Uggs, which have even been deemed admittedly ugly by those who have purchased them. Many owners also have reported that after the ankle eventually starts to buckle due to minimal support, and they get dirty incredibly quickly. But, as fans state, they are warm.

While keeping your tootsies warm during the colder months is a priority, there is no need to give up fashion for practicality in this case. Websites that offer wholesale clothes generally also sell wholesale boots as well. Find a pair that you and some friends like, and order a set of them. Or, you could always sell those that are not in your size online.

However you decide to purchase your winter shoes, you may need to look past the first page of listing for warm ones. For the fashionista, tall black suede boots with rhinestones on them provide warmth, traction, and super style. A weekend in the backyard is a perfect opportunity to wear a pair of rubber-bottomed, fur-lined boots.

My winter coat is warm, but it’s just plain ugly. Are there any options that are more stylish, yet still keep me from freezing?

Absolutely! A coat is now part of what makes an ensemble complete in cold months. Available from most wholesale clothes websites, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Wool button down peacoats came into the style star section years ago, and they have yet to be relegated to the back of the coat closet. Though it may seem that such a seemingly thin coat would not provide much warmth, wool does the trick. Updated versions add a bit of military flair or other embellishment.

Other wool coats are both warm and stylish as well. With the price of a coat, go for one in basic black so that you won’t regret your color choice next year.

How can I keep my clothes from getting stained by wintertime slush?

Since wholesale clothes are so inexpensive, you can afford to purchase more than one pair of a trendy pair of pants. With the slush of the streets, you never know what stains you might pick up, so ensure a back up this way. Unless you will be staying inside, avoid wearing white as this will highlight stains. With some well-chosen wholesale clothes, you can be sure you weather the season in style.

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Fall Fashion Q&A

Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Fall Fashion Q&A

Any fashion-forward woman is always looking ahead to the next season’s trends. With fall seeming to be the most awkward season of the year with temperatures up, down, and all around, it’s no wonder so many women throw up their hands and decide to just mix their summer and winter wardrobes. But with wholesale fashion clothing, this is a thing of the past.

There are a number of ways you could decide to purchase wholesale fashion clothing. If you found some items in particular that you love, you could purchase a set of them in various colors. You could go in with friends for an order, or even host a party where you sell what you ordered that is not your size or color to your friends. Selling online is also a good option to make a profit from excess wholesale fashion clothing.

Regardless of how you go about placing your order, here are some questions and answers about some of the trends in fall fashion.

I really like the animal print trend, but how can I wear it?

This is quite a common question. If you want to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe, but are concerned about appearing over-the-top, take baby steps. This print generally goes best with either black or shades of brown, as colors and white tend to clash with the pattern. Look for wholesale fashion clothing with leopard print trim, or a cheetah-print hat with a mostly black outfit.  If you decide to wear more than one animal-print item at the same time, make sure they are from the same collection, and are relatively small. Wearing multiple animal prints as part of one outfit is a huge fashion “don’t,” and will likely result in some odd looks from friends and co-workers.

Even dainty earrings can be found alongside wholesale fashion clothing for those who are really hesitant to try out this look. Accessories such as scarves, gloves, and pumps are also perfect, as long as they are paired with solid, muted tones.

What should I wear to Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend’s parents? I want to make a good first impression, but I don’t want to be over-dressed either.

Good question! Initial meetings with a significant other’s parents are stressful enough as it is, but it’s even more difficult when going to a family function. Some families go for the comfort of jeans and t-shirts, while others want to look their Sunday best. Even if your boyfriend is clueless about fashion, you need to drill him for information.

Ask him about what he is going to wear. Is that generally the type of outfit he wears to a family Thanksgiving dinner? What sort of activities are there? If tackle football is generally part of the plan, you can bet that the dress code is extremely casual. Ask your boyfriend about what he remembers his mother wearing at Thanksgiving in years past- though he probably won’t remember! If you are still in doubt, give his mother a call. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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