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Classically Cool Ladies Tops

Classically Cool Ladies Tops


What’s top style do you find yourself more likely to purchase?

Here are some of the most common versions of wholesale top styles that most women are more probable to wear, if not just rocking a basic T:

  1. Filigree – This could be designed through knitted or crocheted styles, embroidered versions, or by a simple pressed print from a lead designer.
  2. Florals? These are somewhat related to filigree patterns, but are much more bolder, in terms of vibrant patterns and the majestic display of blooms under a basic background.
  3. No Text Tees – Some may need words to convey a message, but a basic wholesale top with no text whatsoever is something to admire. It gives a hint at your style, without saying a word.
  4. Vintage Style Wholesale Shirts – From cardigans, lattice wholesale tops, indies, or bohos, the styles of decades past are in full bloom in the 21st century. Agreed?
  5. Tunic Tops – That make you look perfectly wise, but at the same time cool.
  6. Peplum Tops – These offer a little flare at the bottom of the wholesale top, but it’s pretty neat, with the cinched waistline and the stylish patterns you can find.
  7. Oversized Tops – That conceal common imperfections are ideal from pulling over, when you happen to be in no mood to play dress up, but still want to appear as though you care.
  8. Peasant Tops – For those of you wondering how these came to be, we’ll give you a brief rundown of the history in just a few short sentences: These were adapted from fashionable European countries in the 1960s, but they’ve still remained very relevant today, with a carefree feel that’s well-suited for casual day.
  9. Rouched and Ruffled Tops – These wholesale apparel take the ordinary and gives it something unique to work with. Plus, most stylists claim these as looking more feminine than plain Jane.
  10. Pocket Belted Tops – These are versatile for both work and play. They offer length, depth and a playful twist on plain tops with sleeves.

There, we’ve outlined some of the most classically  cool tops you can find.  These can be sourced for discount prices on wholesale clothing sites just like Apparel Deals.

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