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Wholesale Clothes: Dressing for the Cold Office in the Summer

Wholesale Clothes: Dressing for the Cold Office in the Summer

When it comes to planning an outfit for work in the heat of summer, it is all too easy to throw up your hands and rely on the same off-white cardigan every day to take you from the sweltering heat outside to the icebox in your office. While a cardigan certainly is one of the options, don’t limit yourself to the same item to take you from sweaty to cold every day.

One of the great things about buying wholesale clothes is that once you find a style you like, you can purchase one in every color, often for the price of one item at your favorite store. Regardless of whether you choose a cute cardigan in a color to match every whim, or a set of pashmina scarves, wholesale clothes is the best option for finding a stylish solution to the problem of such huge temperature differences.

An unlined blazer is still in style during the summer months, particularly in a bright, summery color. Since a blazer can go with just about anything you would wear to an office environment, purchasing a set of these is a great style choice. Whether it is worn over a flirty summer dress or a pair of business pants, this is a great item to purchase from a wholesale clothes dealer.

Scared of wearing socks with anything but tennis shoes? Prada’s 2011 Resort collection features platform sandals with socks. Take a cue from this world-renowned design and make this look work for you. Look for sets of socks that provide a nice pop of color, and slip these on when you get to your desk. Stash them in your purse before you leave, and you’re fashionable and comfortable both inside and outside the office!

Cardigans still are one of the easiest methods of keeping yourself comfortable in the summer months. Wholesale clothes have come a long way in recent years, and when it comes to something as common as a cardigan, the sky is just about the limit. Peruse your wardrobe, and hone in on the most common color themes. Purchase cardigans that fit into these color schemes well, as well as your typical neutral, black, and white.

Many companies are offering cardigans that are much more than just your basic clothing item. With ruched waists, ruffles, and different styles of neckline, there is sure to be one to fit your style. A lot of wholesale clothes companies offer cardigans with snazzy decorations on them, like pearly sequins or fancy buttons. Alternately, you could always add your favorite pin to the cardigan for a bit more panache.

As tempting as it may be, don’t overlook the sweater this summer. A flirty crocheted piece could be just what you need to stay warm in your office, and will likely go well with just about any skirt. You may want to choose a button-down sweater to maintain your hairstyle, though- as long as the heat didn’t get to it first!

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