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Glossy Nail Polishes

Glossy Nail Polishes

If you like everything nails and like taking care of yours, then you must love the host of colors available to make your nails shine. From subtle to daring, most of us like switching it up for different occasions throughout the year.

As a nod to its past, we’d like to highlight that in ancient Egypt, a nail color was used as a signifier of ranks. Ruby red was used to show the wearer’s status as being top of the hierarchy and then the average Joe, or Jane rather was only permitted to wear lighter colors. These days, we’re grateful we can choose to wear any color we prefer.

The quality of the nail polish also makes a huge difference in the health and looks of your nails. It’s also important that your nails somewhat match your clothing so that you can look fully coordinated and polished. We all want out nail polish to be:

  • Chip resistant
  • Durable
  • Fashion forward
  • And possess a three dimensional shine

From rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts and malachite, these shades are the ideal way to shine at your next event. We urge you to experiment with colors through nail polish. Here are some of our favorite cosmetic shade personalities:

  • Muted – Neutral pastels that are barely there give a very polished and prim look
  • Playful and Girly – Color your nails with dazzling cool shades and let it speak that you are  stylish and carefree
  • Clear – This is a no fuss way to still keep your nails looking great
  • Daring –Go overboard and immerse yourself in bold and audacious colors

These nail shade personalities pin point just a few cosmetic must-haves for trying an at-home manicure  or pedicure on your own. It’s the quick and inexpensive way to make your nails look great.

Check out an innovative and fashion forward collection of nail polishes here. From eye catching colors, power pastels or shimmering brights, you’ll find one to flatter your skin makeup color and complement your vivid personality. What’s your favorite nail polish color?

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