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How to Buy Plus Size Wholesale Clothing

How to Buy Plus Size Wholesale Clothing

Being a plus size woman is not an easy thing. Department stores generally offer only plus size clothing that is frumpy, ugly, and you wouldn’t wish upon anyone to have to wear. Stores that specialize in plus size clothing often do offer trendy, flattering clothing, but at outrageous prices. What a woman to do?

Wholesale clothing just may be what you need to design a wardrobe that won’t leave you depressed when you get dressed every morning. Websites that offer wholesale clothing to consumers have a much more expansive selection than retailers, offering just about any type of clothing you desire. Move on from the snobby retailers, and free yourself with wholesale clothing!

In order to dress a fuller figure, you must strike a balance between looking pretty and looking thinner. Unfortunately, most women end up going all out towards the looking thinner goal, and end up wearing dark colors head-to-toe every day. This is not only boring, but depressing, too!

Many fuller size women avoid purchasing any prints, as the last thing they want to do is draw attention to their body. In reality, though, some prints are actually flattering. Look for wholesale clothing that features prints that are relatively large, with more print than background color.

Another problem with plus size clothing is that it is usually so hard to find and expensive that we tend to continue to wear an item even if it is too small or too big. Pack away any clothes that are too big or small, and keep out only that which fits you just right. Evaluate the fit of everything- not just jeans. If something mostly fits, but is slightly off, it is often worth the small price of taking it to a tailor to make it a perfect fit.

Simply having a fuller figure can often make you look older, so purchase wholesale clothing with some youth to it. Bright colors such as hot pink and some stylish accessories all help you look younger without making you look like you can’t let go of your childhood.

Avoid any clothing that is baggy or doesn’t really have a shape. This type of clothing may be comfortable, but will make you look even larger. Rather, ensure the curves of your body may be seen. If you are wearing a loose shaped- item, add a belt. Steer clear of any boxy pieces, as they will do just what they imply- make you look like a figureless box. Rather, look for clothes that are composed of stretch or jersey fabrics to flatter curves without making them too obvious.

In addition to the clothing, evaluate your accessories. A plus size woman with a tiny purse, a skinny belt, and dainty jewelry will look large. Rather, a larger purse, belt and jewelry all make you appear thinner just by their increased size. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing all accessories oversize, just keep in mind that you don’t want to look like a giant compared to your accessories.

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