Markers of a Good Wholesaler

Markers of a Good Wholesaler

Are you looking for a wholesale clothing supplier that offers the best prices, widest variety and the most reliability? These qualities are a given. Here are a few other indicators of a good wholesale clothing store that ought to be considered:

Respect – How long has the supplier been in business; what are customers saying about them; are reviews pointing upwards rather than downwards? These are some questions to ask.

Huge Warehouse – The size of the warehouse matters. You know why? It means you’re getting wholesale clothing directly from the wholesaler, rather than a dropshipper. Also, you’ll  have a wider selection of choices through a larger square footage.

Change – Nothing stays constant, and especially fashion. Therefore, does the wholesaler always have the same fashion for years or months on end, without new additions? When shopping with a wholesale fashion store, you will want one that gives you the most leeway in providing up-to-date fashion for your customers. This in turn reflects better on you, as customers will expect the very latest in fashion from your store.

Customer Service – Is the wholesale apparel store willing to help with any glitches in your order? Do they have a well staffed house of agents that are willing to help. Also, consider if the website has direct access to a live chat agent for added convenience, and timely resolutions.

Minimum Costs – Sure these bad boys are operating for a profit too. But the appeal of their service is to specifically provide the best prices for retailers like yourself.

Variety – Is the wholesale clothing offered one-dimensional? There has to be diversity in styles and patterns for wholesale dresses, wholesale tops, wholesale bottoms and wholesale accessories. Also, if you’re stocking for both men and women’s wholesale clothing, it helps to find everything in one place. Wouldn’t you agree?

Easy Navigation – The last thing you want to do is scuffle around, just to find a match. Websites that look professional and offer easy surfing reflect well on the company.

Consider these factors before selecting your go-to wholesale fashion store.

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