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Popular Dress Styles

Popular Dress Styles

Wholesale dresses are available in plenty styles, designs, lengths and prices. Some of the most popular dress styles include:

  • The A-line wholesale dress – Think of the letter A, and fit the image of a dress over this silhouette. It retains the same outline with similar designs that can be found in skirts, wholesale tops and coats. The upper section  is slimming, while the bottom half widens with all A-line wholesale dresses.
  • Babydoll dress: These mimic nightwear dresses, only with sturdier cuts of fabric to wear outdoors. Most are sleeveless and just like the A-line dress styles, these offer more room,  with a little more comfort.
  • Color Block Dresses – We’ve recently seen these styles on the runways, in department stores, and in displays on wholesale clothing websites. The method of color blocking involves different cuts of colors that are sewn together in one whole dress. Mostly, each color block will be a large solid color that offers a contrasting view to the neighboring block.
  • Shift dresses: These are loose fitting and are usually shorter in length. Shift dresses are versatile, because they can be tied in various ways to provide different looks.
  • Tea Length Dresses –  These are popular because of the height of style they provide – literally. Tea length dresses are neither too long, nor too short. They are cut right below  the knee and are ideal for casual occasions, work or party outings.
  • Sheath Dresses – Provide the perfect form fit to your body type. These are mostly reserved for formal  occasions, as they are typically custom-fitted for the wearer. Even so, you can find a readymade dress that fits just right for you, online, for your very own special occasion.

When it comes to wholesale dresses, there are too many styles to pick just one. So, take stock of what you already have, then stock up some more to hold a diverse supply of fashionable wholesale apparel.

Looking great doesn’t have to be expensive either, as shopping in wholesale clothing stores can significantly drop the price at checkout, while retaining the same great quality.

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