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Size 14 is Not Plus Size! The Vanity Sizing Trend in Modern Clothing

Measurements over several decades have been confusion. In Year 1937 women with 32 inches (81 cm) bust wore a size 14 dress, which came down to size 8 in year 1967, and it would probably come to size zero in year 2013. In modern ready-to-wear sizing, the old times size 14 is the size 8 and the size 14 today may be old times size 20. There have been many changes in the clothing sizes from the past and the main cause, which makes sense to me, is in the United States the clothing sizes have not been standardized.

wholesale fashion clothesSize 14 is just a number and therefore, you do not need to worry at all while buying fashionable clothes for women. The only thing that matters is how well the dress fits you. So, do not be just hanging on the sizes, the essential and imperative is wholesale fashion clothes should come into the perfect fitting.

To try understanding, how fashionable tops for girls are sized would be muddle-headedness for you, just as you are trying to figure out the trigonometry with a little understanding of mathematics. The vintage sizes are however four times smaller than the modern sizes.

Vanity sizing tends to take place mostly in women’s apparel, where there is a dilemma over the sizes. Even if you go for the latest fashion for girls, this dilemma will persist. But, over here you probably will not feel the need to run after sizes, because you will get the right fittings in proportion to the body sizes.

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