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Wholesale Fashion Trends: Fall/Winter 2011

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Wholesale Fashion Trends: Fall/Winter 2011

Along with the change in seasons also comes the change in fashion trends. This fall and winter, there are a number of new trends (as always), as well as some throwbacks to days gone by. Recent fashion trends have included a lot of references to the fashion of the fifties and sixties, attributed to the popularity of recent television shows that take place during these years. Regardless of the actual trends you want to incorporate into your wardrobe, when it comes to price and value, wholesale fashion trends are the way to go.

This fall, designers are selecting some key pieces from the seventies to incorporate into their lines. Pants with flares or wide legs are one of the biggest wholesale fashion trends, worn high on the waist with a smart belt. Bow blouses in silk or satin are perfect for a day at the office, as are roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or a skirt.

Seventies fashion is also affecting the wardrobe for nighttime, with metallic fabrics being seen all over the runways. Slinky gowns with necklines cut down to there or high slits are back, as are anything else that tightly hugs the body, drapes sensually, or shouts “look at me!”

Look for wholesale fashion trends such as thigh high boots, and pair them with your favorite miniskirt. Add a metallic top, a small purse with a long strap, and lots of rings, and you’ll look fantastic. Long pendant necklaces, large statement belts, and piles of bangles are all back in style.

The sheer maxidress is one of the biggest wholesale fashion trends for the end of this year, but it can’t be worn just any way. For those of us who are more modest and don’t want the world to see our underwear, there are plenty of versions that are semi-sheer, or only sheer in strategic places, such as the arms and mid-stomach. Some come with a slip built inside, or you can add a slip yourself. A sheer maxidress with lots of layers of the sheer fabric becomes much less sheer.

Other ways to wear one of the most prominent of the wholesale fashion trends, the sheer maxidress, involve ways to keep from freezing. A full, tiered version lends a bit of a boho look while also keeping your legs warmer, while a lace maxidress is slightly heavier (warmer) but still slightly sheer. Pairing the sheer maxidress with an oversized parka or faux fur coat also keep you warm enough to pull off the look.

Pleats were big this spring, seen in dresses, skirts, and tops. This trend is being carried into the fall and winter months by adding more layers of pleats. A pleated ankle-length maxidress looks surprisingly lovely with tights, heels, and some nice warm layers on top. Any kind of coat or jacket looks good with a pleated dress or skirt, including a leather biker jacket, wool pea coat, faux fur jacket, or whatever other outerwear you have in your coat closet.

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Summer Q&A

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Summer Q&A

Does the thought of summer make you cringe instead of spread your arms and whoop for joy? If so, your summer wardrobe just may be the cause of the dread. While some women look to the season’s heat to show off their bangin’ body, most of us could use a few extra trips to the gym before we’re quite ready to shed our layers of clothing. If this is you, wholesale fashion clothing is an economical solution to a widespread problem: summer fashion slug.

What shorts are best for me? I’m not as young as I used to be….

Along with age comes the potential for our legs to go downhill. Age spots, veins, and cellulite are just a few of the complaints women voice in opposition to wearing shorts. Knees are simply the ugliest body part in many people’s opinion, making knee-length shorts desirable for some. While these are indeed ideal for tall women, those of average height or shorter tend to end up looking rather stubby, as these cut the leg in half visually.

Rather, look for wholesale fashion clothing providers that offer more options. Regardless of your size, shorts that flair out are just unflattering and look like something you pulled out of from behind the sofa. Rather, consider straight lines in shorts that are more slim fitting, and don’t be afraid to raise the hemline above the knee.

What are the rules for wearing a two-piece swimsuit?

As is the case with fashion in general these days, there are no clear-cut rules. Even asking swimsuit experts this question will result in a vague response about one’s personal preference. With no guidance, what’s a girl to do anymore?

The same with all other wholesale fashion clothing- do what you want, how you want it! If others tell you that you have the body for a string bikini, but strongly disagree, if you decide to go the beach in one, you will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Never let fashion make you feel negative in any way.

Instead, wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in, plus size women included. There is no age limit on when to stop wearing a two-piece and settle for a one piece; this is completely up to you. In a nutshell: make your own rules!

What are the fashion rules for wearing white to a wedding?

We are finally getting out of the dark ages of fashion and allowing for individuality rather than strict rule following. While it has been a fashion faux paux in years past to wear white to a wedding, some women feel comfortable doing so. Case in point: during the Royal Wedding, Pippa, the Maid of Honor, wore white! If you do choose to go in this direction, be sure to add colorful accents to help set you apart from the bride. And be sure that the bride would not be offended by your wearing white, as well.

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Fashion Wholesale: Fall Fashion Trends

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Fashion Wholesale: Fall Fashion Trends

Watching the runways for this fall’s hottest fashion trends, attendees noticed one thing above all else: the new, exciting designers. These designers, both from the United States and Europe, are visionaries as they express their points of view on the true essence of fashion. While the established designers certainly did not disappoint, there is always something refreshing about seeing a new generation of designers coming to task.

With the tendency of trends to come and go, many fashion-forward women are starting to purchase fashion wholesale. By simply changing where you choose to purchase your wardrobe, you not only save money, but are able to buy much more of what you want for what seems like pennies compared to many high-end boutiques.

Along with fall comes the tendency (and need) to layer clothing in order to stay comfortable. Since mornings tend to be chilly, with afternoons sunny and temperate, look to fashion wholesale to offer you the opportunity to mix different fabrics to add an extra element to your ensemble.

Velvet was once limited to the chill of winter, but is back in force for the fall season of fashion. Surprisingly attractive when combined with faux fur, leather, and satin, don’t pass up on this luxurious addition to your wardrobe, whether you choose a flattering velvet mini-dress, black velvet purse, or even shoes with velvet accents.

Prepare for winter with a utility jacket that will take you from fall into winter seamlessly. Looking for fashion wholesale will yield you with styles that can be worn over just about anything. Some are lined with faux fur, reflecting this trend of the season, while others are simple trench-looking jackets.  Shield your eyes as some of your fashionista friends prance around in more than one style of graphic print at a time. For those of us that are more conservative and considerate of brain-eye confusion, wearing one bold graphic print at a time is a much more reasonable choice. Whether you prefer colorful prints or more traditional-looking black and white patterns, prints are most definitely back.

Understated embellishments will be found in abundance from fall’s fashion wholesale vendors. Evening wear gets a simple update with a palm-sized embroidered pattern on the bodice, adding an unexpected element to a sleek full-length satin dress. Cardigans with fringe, flirty dresses with adorable trim, and purses with beaded designs are all hot this fall.

Color blocking is being resurrected from the depths of the 80s closet. Gone are the clashing colors that make your head spin, and here are color blocking combinations from complementary color families. While you can find this fashion wholesale within one item, you can get the most mileage by designing your own outfit to fit this trend. A bright pink top with a sleek yellow skirt easily and accomplishes this effect, with the option of wearing these items separately for completely different looks.  As you can see, fashion and wholesale easily go hand in hand. With such a variety to choose from, why not look into it now?

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