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Wholesale Accessories: Let Your Handbag Do The Talking!

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Wholesale Accessories: Let Your Handbag Do The Talking!

It is said that you can know a lot about a woman from her handbag, and the same stands true for wholesale fashion handbags. These handbags are inspired by designs by leading designers, but are sold at just a very small fraction of their actual worth. So if you are bored of carrying your same old boring handbags wherever you go, you might want to indulge in some fashionable handbags from your favorite wholesale fashion outlet.

When choosing a handbag, one of the most important considerations to make is that it should solve the purpose that you are buying it for. For instance, while a dainty clutch might be one of the best wholesale accessories you’ll get to go with your party gown, a black hold-it-all tote/ briefcase would be a much better idea if you are mostly going to use your handbag at office. The trick here is in striking the perfect balance between utility and fashion, making sure that you end up with something that looks great along with being useful for whatever you need it for.

If you are planning to own just one handbag for now, your best bet would be a classic one, in a neutral shade. You can get some amazing middle-sized handbags at fashion wholesale stores, in colors like white, black, beige, and brown. That’s exactly what you need, since it will look terrific wherever you wear it, and you can pair it with almost all your wholesale clothes, and to nearly all occasions.

As for those fashionistas who love to have a different look each time they step outside, coordinating your handbag with your wholesale fashion shoes is one of the easiest ways to look instantly stylish. It is never a good idea to wear a bag that’s the same color as your outfit. So if you are wearing a white/ blue dress, you can pair it with an orange handbag, and orange pumps. Considering how hot tangerine is this season, you are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Another great option to go buy is a striped handbag, which can be coordinated with any of your shoes/ dresses, looking just as chic each time. You could choose one with a golden strap to add some extra bling to your outfit. Finally, there are some fantastic wholesale fashions handbags that are timeless, and once bought will last you for many years to come. In colors like red, beige, and sky blue, every woman should own at least one of these classic pieces!

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Winter Fashion Accessories

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Winter Fashion Accessories

Accessories can transform and revamp any outfit instantly. Whether it is something casual or basic, add some layered chain necklaces or chandelier earrings, and viol à! Accessories are that extra something, the icing on the cake, and then some. Accessories can glam you up and draw the eyes to that shiny trinket hanging off your wrist or pendant sitting below your neck. A girl can never have too much accessories!

This winter season, dress up your neutrals with bright details to focus your attire. Add bright accessories to your ensemble, like scarves, purses or handbags, hats, or a great looking pair of earrings. Go for a vibrant that will become the attention-getter of the outfit.

Blue is a lively color for shoes, handbags, clutches, hats, and gloves for this season color accessories. It’s an electrifying color that makes your clothes pop against the backdrop of this season’s neutrals, but not too bright that it will take away attention to the rest of your attire.

Of course scarves are a must-have in your wardrobe this winter season. It can be worn every day, with a casual outfit, or even as a trendy cover-up for evening dresses at night. Cashmere scarves seems to be the favorite of designers this season. Opaque nylons are a definite do this season, and keeps you warm and classy when donning a dress or skirt.

For shoes, reptile leather is going to be the trend this season. Both pointy and round toed heels will be splendid choices, so no need to have to box them up in the back of your closet for winter. Chunky heels usually appear during the colder seasons, and they will materialize this winter as they provide both confidence and comfort to the wearer. For the brave and bold, wearing socks in heels are also trending. If socks are too warm, then one can’t go wrong with opaque nylons mentioned earlier.

There is no question that every woman can understand the essence of jewelry as a fashion statement and accessory. Huge, extravagant pieces of jewelry, like necklaces and earrings have been recently displayed on the runways. Feather earrings are all the rage this season and can be found wholesale. So are floral print handbags. The floral print has established itself and stayed since Spring, and is going to continue to trend through more seasons.  Adding a floral print handbag will also add flair of femininity to your outfit.

A touch of vividness that accessories can bring to an outfit goes a long way! Go ahead and stock up!

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How to Buy Plus Size Wholesale Clothing

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How to Buy Plus Size Wholesale Clothing

Being a plus size woman is not an easy thing. Department stores generally offer only plus size clothing that is frumpy, ugly, and you wouldn’t wish upon anyone to have to wear. Stores that specialize in plus size clothing often do offer trendy, flattering clothing, but at outrageous prices. What a woman to do?

Wholesale clothing just may be what you need to design a wardrobe that won’t leave you depressed when you get dressed every morning. Websites that offer wholesale clothing to consumers have a much more expansive selection than retailers, offering just about any type of clothing you desire. Move on from the snobby retailers, and free yourself with wholesale clothing!

In order to dress a fuller figure, you must strike a balance between looking pretty and looking thinner. Unfortunately, most women end up going all out towards the looking thinner goal, and end up wearing dark colors head-to-toe every day. This is not only boring, but depressing, too!

Many fuller size women avoid purchasing any prints, as the last thing they want to do is draw attention to their body. In reality, though, some prints are actually flattering. Look for wholesale clothing that features prints that are relatively large, with more print than background color.

Another problem with plus size clothing is that it is usually so hard to find and expensive that we tend to continue to wear an item even if it is too small or too big. Pack away any clothes that are too big or small, and keep out only that which fits you just right. Evaluate the fit of everything- not just jeans. If something mostly fits, but is slightly off, it is often worth the small price of taking it to a tailor to make it a perfect fit.

Simply having a fuller figure can often make you look older, so purchase wholesale clothing with some youth to it. Bright colors such as hot pink and some stylish accessories all help you look younger without making you look like you can’t let go of your childhood.

Avoid any clothing that is baggy or doesn’t really have a shape. This type of clothing may be comfortable, but will make you look even larger. Rather, ensure the curves of your body may be seen. If you are wearing a loose shaped- item, add a belt. Steer clear of any boxy pieces, as they will do just what they imply- make you look like a figureless box. Rather, look for clothes that are composed of stretch or jersey fabrics to flatter curves without making them too obvious.

In addition to the clothing, evaluate your accessories. A plus size woman with a tiny purse, a skinny belt, and dainty jewelry will look large. Rather, a larger purse, belt and jewelry all make you appear thinner just by their increased size. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing all accessories oversize, just keep in mind that you don’t want to look like a giant compared to your accessories.

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Wholesale Accessories for Fall

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Wholesale Accessories for Fall

As the heat of summer starts to wane and the leaves begin to turn, one must plan for the coming change of the seasons. While there are certainly always updates to be made in clothing, one of the biggest mistakes women make is failing to update their accessories. With new trendy options available, this is one season not to skip this essential part of any stylish wardrobe.

Ever since the royal wedding, hats have made a comeback both in the United Kingdom and here in the United States. While we all certainly don’t have a regular invitation to occasions which would require a fancy piece of headware with all the ribbons and frills as an opulent wedding, this is one accessory you don’t want to forget.

Fall’s hats are as varied as everything under the sun, with sizes ranging from a beach ball to a petite tea cup. Hats are the finishing touch for every fall look, making it best to buy wholesale accessories. Whether you can’t get over the Little Red Riding Hood hooded red hat, or are falling for a gangster-esque burgundy hat with a purple satin ribbon, you can’t go wrong with wholesale accessories this season.

One of the best things about fall is the ability to layer different textures, bringing a whole new look to just one simple outfit. The luxurious materials this season, including satin, faux snake skin, faux fur, leather, suede, and velvet look amazing when brought together to make one fashionable collage. Surprising combinations can be found on the same wholesale accessories, whether you are looking for bags or shoes.

Once again, faux fur has made a comeback in the wardrobes of the posh and fabulous. While some stars opt for the real thing, keep in mind the needless suffering that goes into just one accessory, and look to the more affordable option of wholesale accessories with faux fur trim. After all, you never know what PETA might think of next!

Showcase your wild side with a feisty printed faux fur scarf. While previous years limited this accent to the more casual affairs, even a black tie ensemble can be glamorized with a pair of white faux fur lined stilettos. Some creative pieces may be worn as a scarf or as a stylish sash around your waist. As with many trends, limit the faux fur to just one or perhaps two pieces per outfit, or you may end up looking like a ferocious style faux paux.

Women can never have enough earrings to choose from, which makes purchasing wholesale accessories even more appetizing this season. Long, dangly earrings have returned to grace the ears of all fashionable ladies. Whether you prefer the natural, fringed earrings or the long, clunky dangles, this is one accessory you cannot skip this season.

Last but not least, gloves are essential to protect your hands to the element, but now designers have finally realized met our demand for some stylish alternatives. In luxe velvet and elbow-length styles, this is just one more of this fall’s best trends.

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Wholesale Accessories: Beach Goddess

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Wholesale Accessories: Beach Goddess

Regardless of whether you’re planning a stay-cation this summer or going to a tropical, exotic location for a photo shoot (don’t we wish!), wholesale accessories are a must for any bargain shopper with the fashion bug. As with planning any outfit, start with determining where exactly you are going. Consider factors such as the wind, rain, sunshine, and what kind of surface you’ll be walking on. Once you’ve determined these factors, the rest is a summer breeze.

For any summertime excursion to the beach, a roomy beach bag is an absolute must. You need plenty of room for your water bottles, lip balm, sunscreen, and reading material, in addition to your regular purse items. Anyone who spends a lot of time at the beach would appreciate buying wholesale accessories.  Once you find a model of beach bag/purse you like, buy a wholesale lot and you’ll have one to match every outfit! A flirty, girly tote bag in almost any design can be *gasp* used year after year, as women always need a roomy bag, whether they are running to the grocery store or spending the day at the beach. This summer, a bit of sparkle is in season as bags are covered in sequined flowers.

Protect those beautiful eyes from the summer sun with a hip pair of sunglasses. Since wholesale accessories are so cheap, you can afford to keep one anywhere and everywhere. And if they break or you lose a pair- oh well! You’ll have plenty more where that came from  Big, bold, and vintage-looking is the trend for sunglasses. Available in any color to match every outfit, the most attractive have a bit of sparkle on the sides to add even more glamour. When purchasing sunglasses as wholesale accessories, your best bet is to look for a design similar to one you already have worn and looked good in.

Top off your look (and protect your scalp from burning) with a cute fedora. While you may be used to your favorite baseball hat, they are passé when it comes to a trip to the beach. If you will be walking on sand much, sandals are a must. Whatever type you choose, steer clear of high heels and platforms, as you can easily end up with an injured ankle while walking in these on sand. If flip flops aren’t quite your style, there are still plenty of flat sandals to choose from. Slides and thongs with metallic accents are very stylish this season, as are gladiator sandals.   Wholesale accessories naturally include jewelry for any occasion. Naturally, if you will be swimming in the ocean, you will need to edit your jewelry, but for a dry day at the beach, there are lots of options that will glimmer in the sun without blinding innocent bystanders. Long, big earrings with some similarly toned bangles are obvious enough to be seen, but insignificant enough to avoid causing tan marks.

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