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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: Fall Trends

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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: Fall Trends

This fall, women will be ready to have more fun with their wardrobe. No longer bogged down by trying to update the wardrobe of two years ago due to a recession, women will be looking to designers for ways to easily show off their many sides: sophisticated, stylish, and creative.

Just as in the past summer months, color block is in again. Wholesale fashion shoes offer a number of colors and styles at an amazing price. Gone are the glaring color block patterns of the 80s; modern color blocking is more muted but still piping hot. Boots in red and black are surprisingly versatile, as they can easily go with a steam punk outfit or a lacier, ensemble to remind one of the Victorian age.

Show off a new spin on ethnic style with Southwestern- inspired wholesale fashion shoes. Navajo weaving gives simple sandals a completely different look. Brown leather stilettos are given an additional element of mystery when Native American beading designs are featured across the ankle, and white leather booties covered in an ethnic pattern offer an easy way to make an otherwise boring outfit interesting.

Ignore the age-old adage of “no white after Labor Day” and flaunt your style knowledge with pristine, winter white. Wholesale fashion shoes in this startling color are no longer limited to the white Easter shoes, as white goes for a ride on the wild side. White wedge platforms with holes in the platform, white boots that lace up in the back, and white heels with black accents are just a few of this attractive fall trend.

Your grandmother would never dare to wear much sparkle during the day, as this was a huge fashion don’t. Not anymore! Evening style has crept into the daytime hours with a bit of embellishment on wholesale fashion shoes. Whether it is a few gemstones on your favorite style of sandals or a sequined pair of stilettos, prepare for the compliments when you step out in shoes that reflect this trend!

Remember the 80s “power suit?” Men seemed so upset that women had encroached upon their otherwise limited fashion territory that some publicly denounced the trend! Get ready for another revolution in women taking over menswear with the men’s shoe- in the form a heel! Oxfords, tasseled loafers, and lace-up boots are now available in stiletto form. These are perfect for the office, although some are feminine enough to take you into cocktail hour easily and gracefully.

If velvet is more your style, wholesale fashion shoes can be found that make your stilettos look like child’s play. Most striking when paired with another contrasting fabric, such as suede, velvet shoes are no longer limited to the ugly slip-ons found at your local discount store. With buckles, a mishmash of colors, and even just as an accent on a pair of stilettos, velvet shoes offer a lovely addition to any wardrobe.

As leaves begin to fall, don’t get left behind with last year’s trends. Look to wholesale fashion shoes for a great deal on amazing merchandise, and leave your friends wondering where you got the money!

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