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Wholesale Clothing: Seven Key Pieces for Fall

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Wholesale Clothing: Seven Key Pieces for Fall

While it would certainly be nice to have the kind of clothing budget of the rich and famous, the rest of us simply can’t afford to purchase clothes that are only worn once. The most down-to-earth stars are scoffing at the expectation that they only wear everything once, being seen in items that are both flattering and fashionable multiple times while they are out and about.  After all, we all need to have some favorites from our closet, regardless of how many other clothes there are to choose from.

For fall, there are seven pieces of wholesale clothing that can easily be made into a number of different outfits. With a bit of creativity and a savvy effort to mix and match, you’ll not only look like you’re in a new outfit, you’ll feel like it too.

Before designing the outfits, first you need to purchase the wholesale clothing. By looking to wholesale clothing for your fashion needs, you not only save an amazing amount of money, but still remain as stylish as you want to be. Let it be your little secret as to the source of your refreshed wardrobe, and no one will be the wiser.

Look for a white silk long sleeve blouse with black polka dots on it. You don’t want it to be too long, as you’ll be tucking it in for some outfits. In addition, if you don’t have a white spaghetti-strap tank top to wear underneath it if it’s sheer, be sure to add this to your order of wholesale clothing.

A silk dress in a bright and bold pattern is a must. The style doesn’t matter so much as does your confidence in wearing it. Look for wholesale clothing dresses in styles that you know flatter your body. A little flounce on the bottom of a knee-length dress adds a flirty touch. Since we’re looking for items for fall, consider long sleeves.

Order a long white cotton cardigan in cotton or another comfortable and easy care material. A tailored wool jacket, preferably in black or another dark color, goes with anything. One that has seams on the side not only looks tailor, but makes anyone look taller and thinner. A little bit of flair at the bottom, where it ends just below the waist line, makes it look even better.

Lastly, look for wholesale clothing sellers that offer a variety of jeans to choose from. A pair of dark wash slim cut jeans are preferred in this instance, but really any pair of dark wash jeans that make you look and feel amazing works. Buy a pair of black dress pants with an embellishment on the front such as a matching bow. If you can’t find any with such a bow on them, you can always use a black scarf worn as a belt, and tied in a bow.

Wholesale clothing websites generally offer accessories as well. Don’t pass on these, including the shoes, as different accessories can easily dress up or dress down an outfit.

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Making Wholesale Fashion Clothing Work for You: Transform Your Fall Style

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Making Wholesale Fashion Clothing Work for You: Transform Your Fall Style

As the seasons prepare to change, we all must look to our wardrobe to change along with the weather. Even those that live in tropical areas notice at least a bit of a change throughout the year as far as temperature goes. However, if you are one of the many women that are not so fortunate, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe for fall with wholesale fashion clothing.

Most women pass on wholesale fashion clothing and spend hours at the local mall looking through the racks for the perfect item. After frustrating time spent trying on multiple outfits, most of us are lucky to leave with anything that we truly love. Why settle for clothing that will most likely sit in the depths of our closet for years and never see the light of day?

By purchasing wholesale fashion clothing, women of any size can save both time and money on their wardrobe. Websites are easy to navigate and browse through, saving time by not having to sift through racks upon racks of clothes that are either in the wrong size or are simply ugly. Plus, there is no need to track down an elusive salesperson if you know what you are looking for. Just type it into the search feature and you’ll find it in seconds!

Many women that purchase wholesale fashion clothing find that this is a great strategy when it comes to size. Since all companies seem to have their own definitions when it comes to size, ordering wholesale fashion clothing takes the mystery out of it. When you find a style you love, you purchase a set of it, usually in three different sizes. Upon the arrival of the clothing, you can try it on in the comfort of your own home. The items that don’t fit can easily be resold online- at a profit! Some women find that they have saved so much on clothing that even donating the items that are not in their size results in a saving on their clothing budget.

Just seven pieces can quickly boost your fall wardrobe into the new season. A pair of dark wash jeans in a fit that makes you feel attractive, a knee-length tweed skirt, and a pair of black dress pants round out the bottom necessities. A white silk blouse with black polka dots, a long white cardigan, and a tailored waist-length wool jacket are all the tops you need. Add in a knee-length dress in a bold pattern in a style you like, and you’re ready to mix and match!

For a weekend run to the grocery, the blouse, jeans, and white cardigan are perfect with a pair of slip-on shoes. Wear the cardigan with the bold print dress, a pair of heels, and a belt around the dress and cardigan for a day at the office. Mix it up for a business meeting with the dress, jacket with a belt around it, and a pair of shiny black pumps. This is just a start to what you can do with all of these items this fall. Whatever outfits you select, always make it your own!


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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: Fall Trends

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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: Fall Trends

This fall, women will be ready to have more fun with their wardrobe. No longer bogged down by trying to update the wardrobe of two years ago due to a recession, women will be looking to designers for ways to easily show off their many sides: sophisticated, stylish, and creative.

Just as in the past summer months, color block is in again. Wholesale fashion shoes offer a number of colors and styles at an amazing price. Gone are the glaring color block patterns of the 80s; modern color blocking is more muted but still piping hot. Boots in red and black are surprisingly versatile, as they can easily go with a steam punk outfit or a lacier, ensemble to remind one of the Victorian age.

Show off a new spin on ethnic style with Southwestern- inspired wholesale fashion shoes. Navajo weaving gives simple sandals a completely different look. Brown leather stilettos are given an additional element of mystery when Native American beading designs are featured across the ankle, and white leather booties covered in an ethnic pattern offer an easy way to make an otherwise boring outfit interesting.

Ignore the age-old adage of “no white after Labor Day” and flaunt your style knowledge with pristine, winter white. Wholesale fashion shoes in this startling color are no longer limited to the white Easter shoes, as white goes for a ride on the wild side. White wedge platforms with holes in the platform, white boots that lace up in the back, and white heels with black accents are just a few of this attractive fall trend.

Your grandmother would never dare to wear much sparkle during the day, as this was a huge fashion don’t. Not anymore! Evening style has crept into the daytime hours with a bit of embellishment on wholesale fashion shoes. Whether it is a few gemstones on your favorite style of sandals or a sequined pair of stilettos, prepare for the compliments when you step out in shoes that reflect this trend!

Remember the 80s “power suit?” Men seemed so upset that women had encroached upon their otherwise limited fashion territory that some publicly denounced the trend! Get ready for another revolution in women taking over menswear with the men’s shoe- in the form a heel! Oxfords, tasseled loafers, and lace-up boots are now available in stiletto form. These are perfect for the office, although some are feminine enough to take you into cocktail hour easily and gracefully.

If velvet is more your style, wholesale fashion shoes can be found that make your stilettos look like child’s play. Most striking when paired with another contrasting fabric, such as suede, velvet shoes are no longer limited to the ugly slip-ons found at your local discount store. With buckles, a mishmash of colors, and even just as an accent on a pair of stilettos, velvet shoes offer a lovely addition to any wardrobe.

As leaves begin to fall, don’t get left behind with last year’s trends. Look to wholesale fashion shoes for a great deal on amazing merchandise, and leave your friends wondering where you got the money!

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Wholesale Accessories for Fall

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Wholesale Accessories for Fall

As the heat of summer starts to wane and the leaves begin to turn, one must plan for the coming change of the seasons. While there are certainly always updates to be made in clothing, one of the biggest mistakes women make is failing to update their accessories. With new trendy options available, this is one season not to skip this essential part of any stylish wardrobe.

Ever since the royal wedding, hats have made a comeback both in the United Kingdom and here in the United States. While we all certainly don’t have a regular invitation to occasions which would require a fancy piece of headware with all the ribbons and frills as an opulent wedding, this is one accessory you don’t want to forget.

Fall’s hats are as varied as everything under the sun, with sizes ranging from a beach ball to a petite tea cup. Hats are the finishing touch for every fall look, making it best to buy wholesale accessories. Whether you can’t get over the Little Red Riding Hood hooded red hat, or are falling for a gangster-esque burgundy hat with a purple satin ribbon, you can’t go wrong with wholesale accessories this season.

One of the best things about fall is the ability to layer different textures, bringing a whole new look to just one simple outfit. The luxurious materials this season, including satin, faux snake skin, faux fur, leather, suede, and velvet look amazing when brought together to make one fashionable collage. Surprising combinations can be found on the same wholesale accessories, whether you are looking for bags or shoes.

Once again, faux fur has made a comeback in the wardrobes of the posh and fabulous. While some stars opt for the real thing, keep in mind the needless suffering that goes into just one accessory, and look to the more affordable option of wholesale accessories with faux fur trim. After all, you never know what PETA might think of next!

Showcase your wild side with a feisty printed faux fur scarf. While previous years limited this accent to the more casual affairs, even a black tie ensemble can be glamorized with a pair of white faux fur lined stilettos. Some creative pieces may be worn as a scarf or as a stylish sash around your waist. As with many trends, limit the faux fur to just one or perhaps two pieces per outfit, or you may end up looking like a ferocious style faux paux.

Women can never have enough earrings to choose from, which makes purchasing wholesale accessories even more appetizing this season. Long, dangly earrings have returned to grace the ears of all fashionable ladies. Whether you prefer the natural, fringed earrings or the long, clunky dangles, this is one accessory you cannot skip this season.

Last but not least, gloves are essential to protect your hands to the element, but now designers have finally realized met our demand for some stylish alternatives. In luxe velvet and elbow-length styles, this is just one more of this fall’s best trends.

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Fall Fashion Q&A

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Fall Fashion Q&A

Any fashion-forward woman is always looking ahead to the next season’s trends. With fall seeming to be the most awkward season of the year with temperatures up, down, and all around, it’s no wonder so many women throw up their hands and decide to just mix their summer and winter wardrobes. But with wholesale fashion clothing, this is a thing of the past.

There are a number of ways you could decide to purchase wholesale fashion clothing. If you found some items in particular that you love, you could purchase a set of them in various colors. You could go in with friends for an order, or even host a party where you sell what you ordered that is not your size or color to your friends. Selling online is also a good option to make a profit from excess wholesale fashion clothing.

Regardless of how you go about placing your order, here are some questions and answers about some of the trends in fall fashion.

I really like the animal print trend, but how can I wear it?

This is quite a common question. If you want to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe, but are concerned about appearing over-the-top, take baby steps. This print generally goes best with either black or shades of brown, as colors and white tend to clash with the pattern. Look for wholesale fashion clothing with leopard print trim, or a cheetah-print hat with a mostly black outfit.  If you decide to wear more than one animal-print item at the same time, make sure they are from the same collection, and are relatively small. Wearing multiple animal prints as part of one outfit is a huge fashion “don’t,” and will likely result in some odd looks from friends and co-workers.

Even dainty earrings can be found alongside wholesale fashion clothing for those who are really hesitant to try out this look. Accessories such as scarves, gloves, and pumps are also perfect, as long as they are paired with solid, muted tones.

What should I wear to Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend’s parents? I want to make a good first impression, but I don’t want to be over-dressed either.

Good question! Initial meetings with a significant other’s parents are stressful enough as it is, but it’s even more difficult when going to a family function. Some families go for the comfort of jeans and t-shirts, while others want to look their Sunday best. Even if your boyfriend is clueless about fashion, you need to drill him for information.

Ask him about what he is going to wear. Is that generally the type of outfit he wears to a family Thanksgiving dinner? What sort of activities are there? If tackle football is generally part of the plan, you can bet that the dress code is extremely casual. Ask your boyfriend about what he remembers his mother wearing at Thanksgiving in years past- though he probably won’t remember! If you are still in doubt, give his mother a call. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Fashion Wholesale: Fall Fashion Trends

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Fashion Wholesale: Fall Fashion Trends

Watching the runways for this fall’s hottest fashion trends, attendees noticed one thing above all else: the new, exciting designers. These designers, both from the United States and Europe, are visionaries as they express their points of view on the true essence of fashion. While the established designers certainly did not disappoint, there is always something refreshing about seeing a new generation of designers coming to task.

With the tendency of trends to come and go, many fashion-forward women are starting to purchase fashion wholesale. By simply changing where you choose to purchase your wardrobe, you not only save money, but are able to buy much more of what you want for what seems like pennies compared to many high-end boutiques.

Along with fall comes the tendency (and need) to layer clothing in order to stay comfortable. Since mornings tend to be chilly, with afternoons sunny and temperate, look to fashion wholesale to offer you the opportunity to mix different fabrics to add an extra element to your ensemble.

Velvet was once limited to the chill of winter, but is back in force for the fall season of fashion. Surprisingly attractive when combined with faux fur, leather, and satin, don’t pass up on this luxurious addition to your wardrobe, whether you choose a flattering velvet mini-dress, black velvet purse, or even shoes with velvet accents.

Prepare for winter with a utility jacket that will take you from fall into winter seamlessly. Looking for fashion wholesale will yield you with styles that can be worn over just about anything. Some are lined with faux fur, reflecting this trend of the season, while others are simple trench-looking jackets.  Shield your eyes as some of your fashionista friends prance around in more than one style of graphic print at a time. For those of us that are more conservative and considerate of brain-eye confusion, wearing one bold graphic print at a time is a much more reasonable choice. Whether you prefer colorful prints or more traditional-looking black and white patterns, prints are most definitely back.

Understated embellishments will be found in abundance from fall’s fashion wholesale vendors. Evening wear gets a simple update with a palm-sized embroidered pattern on the bodice, adding an unexpected element to a sleek full-length satin dress. Cardigans with fringe, flirty dresses with adorable trim, and purses with beaded designs are all hot this fall.

Color blocking is being resurrected from the depths of the 80s closet. Gone are the clashing colors that make your head spin, and here are color blocking combinations from complementary color families. While you can find this fashion wholesale within one item, you can get the most mileage by designing your own outfit to fit this trend. A bright pink top with a sleek yellow skirt easily and accomplishes this effect, with the option of wearing these items separately for completely different looks.  As you can see, fashion and wholesale easily go hand in hand. With such a variety to choose from, why not look into it now?

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