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Wholesale tops: How to Wear Yellow without Looking OTT!

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Wholesale tops: How to Wear Yellow without Looking OTT!

Yellow is a trend that has been around forever, yet few have mastered the art of wearing it.  This is one of those colors which if worn correctly can look chic and wonderfully stylish, but if worn wrongly runs a risk of looking garish. One of the simplest fashion wholesale rules of wearing yellow is not to pair it with black, unless you want to look like a life-sized bumble bee. But the bigger question is what to pair yellow with, and what’s the best way to wear it? We have it all sorted for you!

  • Yellow looks great when paired with navy blue, as the two colors contrast each other just perfectly. If however, you can team yellow with black instead, choose a rusty shade of yellow over a bright one.
  • Adding a tone of beige to your yellow wholesale clothes is also a great idea, as it tones down the look, while still keeping it super-stylish. Try pairing your yellow blouse with a beige sisal hat from wholesale apparel store for a chic beach look.
  • Grey and yellow are two colors which can hardly ever go wrong when paired together. Put together a casual canary yellow t-shirt with a pair of grey slacks for a Marc Jacobs’ à la look.
  • Add some contrasting wholesale fashion accessories like a bright blue bag, a red belt, or pink sunglasses to your yellow look to break the monotony of your outfit.
  • Always pair yellow with similar tones- for instance a bright yellow should be teamed with vivid hues, while a creamy one looks best with a similar tone of gray.
  • Investing in a well-fitted pair of yellow pants is smart way to add glamour to the striped wholesale tops that you aren’t sure what to pair with. Yellow and stripes look great together, and you can add some drama with chunky gold jewelry and wholesale accessories.
  • If you aren’t yet ready to go completely yellow, you can start with just a touch of yellow in your wardrobe. Yellow can make everything look happier, right from your nappy bag to the ubiquitous summer hat!
  • Yellow and tangerines are a tricky combination, and need to be worked around carefully. If you wear these colors together, keep it a little towards the duller side, instead of opting for bright hues of both colors.
  • You can get some beautiful summer dresses in yellow from a wholesale fashion store. The knee-length ones look incredibly classy, and can be paired with unconventional colors of wholesale fashion shoes like pale pink. Silver jewelry is a great add to this look, and adds a wonderful elegance to the brightness of yellow.
  • Our final pick for wearing yellow with élan is a short and high-waist yellow pencil skirt teamed with a tucked-in cream blouse that you can buy from any wholesale fashion store. The look is straight from Phillip Lim’s runway, and is in our opinion, one of the best ways to wear yellow!

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