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Wholesale Handbags, A Vogue And Passion Of People To Remain In The Fashion!

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Wholesale Handbags, A Vogue And Passion Of People To Remain In The Fashion!

Who of you does not like to hold a handbag or purse? I think everyone would like to hold trendy handbags and purse, especially young girls who are crazy for the latest fashion trendz, carry their whole in their bags. Really, the utility of bags has made them an integral part of our everyday life, not only from a fashion perspective, but for other general use also. The recent trends show fashion handbags styles like; bohemian, ruched, with bows, oversized flaps, tassels, large hardware, ruffles and more are very prevalent nowadays.

Wholesale handbags and purses are available in cheap and affordable prices with good quality and top-notch customer service. Wholesale designer handbags enable people to carry things in a convenient manner and therefore the fashion-obsessed shopaholic people prefer to buy wholesale fashion handbags as they find it a great way to stretch their shopping budget while still getting their hands on all the latest handbag trends now that sounds sensible, isn’t it?

You will find all your favorites brands like Louis Vuitton, Coach, Dooney & Burke, Dolce Gabbana, Prada and Valentino along with wholesale gorgeous designer handbags, which will indeed make you fall in love with the trendy collection of inspired wholesale handbags. So next time when you are going to splash out on a huge amount on designer handbags that are available in the market, do not forget to give a look at the wholesale handbags and purses that are available with the wholesale handbags manufacturers at cheap rates, and I’m sure you will certainly get your choice of handbags and purses. The varieties of wholesale handbags and purses keep you with the latest fashion trendz in budget.

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How to Dress to Look Taller

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How to Dress to Look Taller

Wholesale Dresses to Help You Look Taller

Looking taller and slimmer is probably a universal wish among women, and has been for ages. If, however, you are more on the petite side, and have spent years waiting for a genie to come your way and grant your “make me taller” wish, it’s time to embrace who you are, and be the most stylish you can be. Our fashion tips for petite women listed below should help you get through-

  • Opt for a monochromatic look –This is one of the easiest tricks that you can use to instantly add a few inches to your frame. Instead of breaking your outfit into two blocks of colors, wear wholesale dresses in one dark color from top to bottom. Another way to go monochromatic is to match the color of your bottoms with that of your wholesale fashion shoes in beige, brown, or even black.
  • Stripes/ vertical seams are your best friend- Always keep “vertical” in mind while shopping for wholesale clothes. This might be in the form of stripes, or even seams and pleats. All that you want is lines running from the top to the bottom of your wholesale apparel, in whatever form.
  • The magic of v-shaped necks- V-shaped necks are a god-sent for short women. They make your neck look longer, and add length to your torso, making you look taller and slimmer. Look for wholesale apparel that’s well-fitted to your body shape. Long sleeves and long shirts are also great bets for short women.
  • Slip into a sexy pair of high heels- Indulge in the awesome pairs of heels that are rampant in the wholesale fashion shoes world. Fashionable as they might be, flats and flip-flops should be stayed away from, and replaced with high heels. You can go for platform heels if you wish to stay comfortable while working on your style quotient.
  • Pass the big handbags and small skirts- Big handbags run a risk of overpowering your petite frame and making you look tinier than you actually are. Instead, look for some stylish wholesale fashion handbags that are just the right size to go with your body type. Small skirts and capris are a tricky option when it comes to short women, since they can make your legs appear short and stubby. Bermuda shorts and knee-length skirts might be just what you need to add length to your legs.


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Top Ten Wholesale Clothing Buys For This Season

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Top Ten Wholesale Clothing Buys For This Season

It’s the time of the year that’s most fun to shop in, with bright colors and flowing fabrics letting every fashionista’s imagination run wild. As you stack away the winter greys and blacks, here are the top ten wholesale fashion buys that you must add to your wardrobe this season:

1. Floral prints- Now that’s one trend that we girls can never get enough of! This season is no different, so if you are planning on tweaking your wardrobe just a little bit, there could be no better buy than a gorgeous floral summer dress in a pastel shades, paired with some bold colored wholesale fashion accessories.

2. Sporty apparel- As you pack your picnic bag, throw in a book, and get set to lounge in a park all day long, the last thing that you need is fashion coming in the way. Opt for an ultra-glam comfortable-meets-stylish look, by keeping it sporty. Monochromatic colors, flirty wristbands, a pair of flats, and you are good to go!

3.  A midriff bearer- If you have been hitting the gym over the past months, this is the time to show it off. Anything that bears your toned midriff this season scores high on the style-o-meter. Be sure to complement this daring look with some stunning wholesale shoes, and let the drama begin!

4. Abstract prints- This is one must-have for all those who’d like to bring it straight from the runways to their wardrobes. Bold geometric prints paired with solid colors are as trendy as it gets this season. Time to bring out the Barbara Bui’s dress that has been hiding in your closet forever!

5. A low-waist belt- Get the suave drop-waist silhouette by pairing a thick belt with a shapeless dress. Browse through the wholesale handbags collection to complete the look. Perfect for ultra-slim silhouettes!

6. Color blocking- Take a cue from Peter Som’s latest collection and add some striking neons to your wardrobe this season.

7. A pair of white heels- To complete each of these stunning looks, all that you need is a stunning pair of white heels. They’ve been gracing the top runways right from Calvin Klein to Derek Lam this season, and are definitely a must-have!

8. Peplum- Peplum screams Spring-Summer 2012 like nothing else does. If your wardrobe is still deprived of these ruffled delights, get one from a wholesale clothing line now!

9. Birds- These little flying darlings are sure to add that much-needed panache to any of your dresses this season. Make a bold statement this season with a flirty skirt with bird prints, easily available at all leading wholesale fashion clothing stores.

10. Pastels- If you don’t have some gorgeous soft pastel shades in your wardrobe this season, it’s definitely the time to go shop one. They are everywhere you look, and add a beautiful feminine touch to any look.

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Handbag Fashion

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Handbag Fashion

Get sexy gams with a stylish and modern handbag. You’ll want one that’s beautifully textured to carry you through daytime and evening time in a breeze.

We love handbags because they:

  • Help us stay organized – Multiple pockets mean enough places to easily fit a wallet, cell phone, sunglass, driver’s license, credit cards, makeup and much more, without showing the world what’s in it. It’s always a just in case place to stuff everyday essentials. You never know if you’ll need a tissue, pen or paper right?
  • Help us stay stylish – This should be the first reason. You can never have enough varieties, colors or styles in wholesale handbags because they:
  • Help us carry the occasion – Ever been to a wedding, a cocktail party or a shopping day without a handbag? We don’t think so. It’s sort of a bare-feel without one. First, you need it to stash important docs and essentials. Second, it helps complement the wholesale outfit.

Popular Types of Handbags:

  • Hobos – This is a great piece to add to your fine handbag collection. It’s spacious enough to carry all your personal items and with multiple pockets, it will help keep you organized too.
  • Satchels – Keep your style simple and chic with a fabulous and functional satchel. We adore those with multiple interior pockets and silver or gold hardware, which ties the design together.
  • Crossbody – The crossbody is  trendsetter’s must-have. A crossbody’s strap gives you the freedom to be hands-free whether you’re at a party or out shopping and running errand. Plus, you can feel safe knowing that your personal and financial info is confidently stowed below the zipper too.
  • Combos – Some bags are convertible satchels/crossbodies. With an adjustable, removable strap and handle, it offers multiple carrying options. Why settle for just one look when you can have it all?

Look great with varied handbag fashion styles. We recommend wholesale handbags that feature quality craftsmanship and high quality materials. This means that you will get a long-lasting bag at an incredible wholesale price.

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Buying Wholesale Fashion Handbags for All Occasions


Buying Wholesale Fashion Handbags for All Occasions

Every day, we wear different clothing, hair styles, make-up, shoes, and jewelry than the day before. Doing so helps to put the past behind us and look forward to the new day. Feeling fresh and ready for anything, we grab the purse we take everywhere and dash out of the house. However, there is one thing wrong with this picture: the purse.

Why don’t we, as women that consider ourselves fashionable, change our purses more often? Sometimes, the reason is that it simply takes too long to clean out one purse and switch to another. If this is the case, then there is simply too much unnecessary stuff that is being lugged around day in and day out. Consult any physician, and you will be informed that this is bad for your posture and back.

Most of us exercise on a regular basis and try to eat reasonably well to keep our bodies healthy, while toting around excess pounds every day that makes our back, neck, and shoulders hurt. Why not take our healthy lifestyles to the next step and address our purses?

The first step is to dump everything out of your purse and evaluate how often you actually use everything in it. Remove everything that isn’t used at least twice a week; these items can be stored in your car or desk at work. Take out the bulging change purse and take the change to the bank. There’s no reason to carry around more than a couple dollars in change at any given time, although if you are partial to the vending machines at work, you might consider keeping a change stash at your desk.

Now it’s time to find some great purses. Look for a website that carries wholesale fashion handbags. Most offer super low prices on great styles. Any extras can be resold or given as nice gifts come birthdays or the holiday season. Look for wholesale fashion handbags that will cover all of your different occasions and needs: work, weddings, cocktail parties, weekend trips to the beach, and market days.

Wholesale fashion handbags that go with almost any color outfit are the most desirable. A purse for work in a neutral color such as brown or off-white is often the best bet. Fancy handbags in silver or gold are also great. Select whichever tone looks better on you and that you wear the most. A white purse is ideal for a wedding, and a large tote bag can carry all of your beach necessities. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you love.

Once you’ve received your wholesale fashion handbags in the mail, look again at what you kept in your purse. Buy multiples of each item, depending on how many different wholesale fashion handbags you purchased. This way, all you have to do when you switch purses is to take out your wallet, keys, and cell phone, and place it in the desired purse. Then you’re ready to go!

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