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How to Dress to Look Taller

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How to Dress to Look Taller

Wholesale Dresses to Help You Look Taller

Looking taller and slimmer is probably a universal wish among women, and has been for ages. If, however, you are more on the petite side, and have spent years waiting for a genie to come your way and grant your “make me taller” wish, it’s time to embrace who you are, and be the most stylish you can be. Our fashion tips for petite women listed below should help you get through-

  • Opt for a monochromatic look –This is one of the easiest tricks that you can use to instantly add a few inches to your frame. Instead of breaking your outfit into two blocks of colors, wear wholesale dresses in one dark color from top to bottom. Another way to go monochromatic is to match the color of your bottoms with that of your wholesale fashion shoes in beige, brown, or even black.
  • Stripes/ vertical seams are your best friend- Always keep “vertical” in mind while shopping for wholesale clothes. This might be in the form of stripes, or even seams and pleats. All that you want is lines running from the top to the bottom of your wholesale apparel, in whatever form.
  • The magic of v-shaped necks- V-shaped necks are a god-sent for short women. They make your neck look longer, and add length to your torso, making you look taller and slimmer. Look for wholesale apparel that’s well-fitted to your body shape. Long sleeves and long shirts are also great bets for short women.
  • Slip into a sexy pair of high heels- Indulge in the awesome pairs of heels that are rampant in the wholesale fashion shoes world. Fashionable as they might be, flats and flip-flops should be stayed away from, and replaced with high heels. You can go for platform heels if you wish to stay comfortable while working on your style quotient.
  • Pass the big handbags and small skirts- Big handbags run a risk of overpowering your petite frame and making you look tinier than you actually are. Instead, look for some stylish wholesale fashion handbags that are just the right size to go with your body type. Small skirts and capris are a tricky option when it comes to short women, since they can make your legs appear short and stubby. Bermuda shorts and knee-length skirts might be just what you need to add length to your legs.


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Hot Footwear To Keep You Cool This Summer

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Hot Footwear To Keep You Cool This Summer

If summer footwear means flip-flops, crocs, and sneakers for you, it might be time for you to spruce up your shoe-rack this summer, by experimenting with the latest trends in wholesale fashion shoes, to put the glamour back into each of your outfits. Here are our top-picks for fashionable shoes this summer-

High heels- This summer is all about standing tall and being the pinnacle of chic. Add a few stylish high heels to your collection. Neon high heels have been a hot item on runways this season, and are sure to draw attention to your look. If you still don’t own a pair of white heels, this summer might be the perfect time to bring one home. You can also look for a rendition of the gorgeous double-shaded peep toe heels that debuted at J.Crew’s collection. You can get all these at slashed prices at a wholesale fashion house.

Wedges- If however, high heels aren’t your thing, and you keep comfort above all else, wedges are a must-have for you. You could invest in a pair of leather wedges, which will not just look fab, but will go with everything, and last for forever. Floral platforms are also going big this season, and look great with summer wholesale dresses. A canvas mix-and match that puts together two bright colors like orange and purple is also worth experimenting with.

Calf-hair sandals- Paired with a leather base, these sandals are the epitome of style this season, and will redefine comfort for you. The neon and zebra ones by K. Jacques are a perfect example of how outstanding this look can be. Shop for these sandals at reduced prices from a fashion wholesale outlet.

Ballet flats – These simple, yet sassy shoes are as fashionable as they have always been, and if there’s one must-have this season, it is a pair of classic ballet flats, in a warm summer color. If flats are a no-no for you, you could go for mid-heel ballerinas instead, which are just as classy.

Pumps- No matter how many shoes you have, your collection cannot be complete without the ubiquitous pumps. Sling back pointy pumps are a great buy for wearing to office, while leopard pumps score high on the trend meter this season. Don some elegant wholesale apparel to complement this look, and you are good to go!

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