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Top Ten Wholesale Clothing Buys For This Season

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Top Ten Wholesale Clothing Buys For This Season

It’s the time of the year that’s most fun to shop in, with bright colors and flowing fabrics letting every fashionista’s imagination run wild. As you stack away the winter greys and blacks, here are the top ten wholesale fashion buys that you must add to your wardrobe this season:

1. Floral prints- Now that’s one trend that we girls can never get enough of! This season is no different, so if you are planning on tweaking your wardrobe just a little bit, there could be no better buy than a gorgeous floral summer dress in a pastel shades, paired with some bold colored wholesale fashion accessories.

2. Sporty apparel- As you pack your picnic bag, throw in a book, and get set to lounge in a park all day long, the last thing that you need is fashion coming in the way. Opt for an ultra-glam comfortable-meets-stylish look, by keeping it sporty. Monochromatic colors, flirty wristbands, a pair of flats, and you are good to go!

3.  A midriff bearer- If you have been hitting the gym over the past months, this is the time to show it off. Anything that bears your toned midriff this season scores high on the style-o-meter. Be sure to complement this daring look with some stunning wholesale shoes, and let the drama begin!

4. Abstract prints- This is one must-have for all those who’d like to bring it straight from the runways to their wardrobes. Bold geometric prints paired with solid colors are as trendy as it gets this season. Time to bring out the Barbara Bui’s dress that has been hiding in your closet forever!

5. A low-waist belt- Get the suave drop-waist silhouette by pairing a thick belt with a shapeless dress. Browse through the wholesale handbags collection to complete the look. Perfect for ultra-slim silhouettes!

6. Color blocking- Take a cue from Peter Som’s latest collection and add some striking neons to your wardrobe this season.

7. A pair of white heels- To complete each of these stunning looks, all that you need is a stunning pair of white heels. They’ve been gracing the top runways right from Calvin Klein to Derek Lam this season, and are definitely a must-have!

8. Peplum- Peplum screams Spring-Summer 2012 like nothing else does. If your wardrobe is still deprived of these ruffled delights, get one from a wholesale clothing line now!

9. Birds- These little flying darlings are sure to add that much-needed panache to any of your dresses this season. Make a bold statement this season with a flirty skirt with bird prints, easily available at all leading wholesale fashion clothing stores.

10. Pastels- If you don’t have some gorgeous soft pastel shades in your wardrobe this season, it’s definitely the time to go shop one. They are everywhere you look, and add a beautiful feminine touch to any look.

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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: Seasonal Trends

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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: Seasonal Trends

As the seasons come and go, so do the fashion trends. However, anyone on a budget needs to be able to purchase clothing, shoes, and accessories that are affordable and fashionable, yet may be worn for more than one season. Though shoes are subject to fashion trends, they are one of least likely items to go completely out of style, with the exception of rather ridiculous trends such as thigh-high boots or 4 inch platforms. For these reasons, wholesale fashion shoes are often the best way to purchase this necessity.

With the boom of recent television shows set in the fifties and sixties, the kitten heel was bound to come back in style. One of the problems with this type of shoe, though, is that they don’t define your calves or lengthen your legs, so they’re best left to be worn by women with long legs in the first place. If you happen to be blessed in this way, kitten heels look great with clothing inspired from the era, but look for ones in staple colors such as black and brown so that they can be worn after the trend fades.

Summer months call for baring your legs and showing off your cute painted toes, making wholesale fashion shoes all the more important during this season. This is when designers go all out in the shoe category, offering shoes with all sorts of trendy embellishments. Since we’re looking for shoes that will look appropriate next summer as well, look for wholesale fashion shoes in black, white, brown, or off-white colors. Look at what designers are adding to their shoes, and add it on yourself! When the season is over, remove the additions, and they’re ready for the next trend!

While flat lace-up shoes may seem about as feminine as facial hair, take a cue from movie star Selma Blair. Purchase wholesale fashion shoes in this style in white, and add some pale pink laces. Pair them with a short dress and get ready for some compliments on your style sense!

Gladiator sandals have been around for more than a few years, seen on stars running errands and even on the red carpet. This trend doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, but if you purchase wholesale fashion shoes in this style and they go out of style next season, not to fret! Pair this with jeans or other long pants in the fall, and no one will be the wiser that you are even wearing this type of sandal since your legs and most of the shoes will be completely covered.

If you simply can’t resist a trend of high boots (regardless of how high they are), go ahead and dive in. Since these are blatantly obvious when worn with skirts or dresses shorter than the ankle, when these are no longer in style, they’ll need to be worn with either very long dresses or skirts, or loose pants. These actually would provide extra warmth in the winter for an outdoors event, so can be practical too.

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Closet Staples

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Closet Staples

Just as there are staples in your pantry and refrigerator, there are also staples in your closet. If you can never figure out what to wear, it may be time to revise your closet a bit and ensure that you do indeed have many of the basics that are necessary for selecting comfortable outfits that you feel confident wearing.

Wholesale fashion clothing websites can help you round out your wardrobe, at a price far below what retailers charge. Consider going in with friends to purchase sets of clothing, as they often come in a few sizes. Or, list them for online auctions to make some money- you’ll easily pay for your investment in wholesale fashion clothing!

Jeans are one thing that a woman simply cannot live without anymore. Be sure to have a selection of jeans when purchasing wholesale fashion clothing. A pair of skinny jeans (if you are comfortable in them), jean shorts, and a pair of dark wash jeans is all that you really need. The dark wash jeans can be worn to work on casual Friday, and the jean shorts are perfect for the hot months of summer.

Dresses are also a must in any closet. Look for wholesale fashion clothing dresses that are flirty and flattering for the summer, yet provide the coverage you want. Every woman simply must have a little black dress that can be grabbed and accessorized on the fly, as life is full of unexpected surprises. A dress in a neutral color that can be dressed up or down is a necessity for those work days that are directly followed by nighttime events.

Wholesale fashion clothing tops are also a closet staple. Tees and tank tops are a must for days lounging around the house or trips to the gym. A tailored white blouse is another top that is perfect for dinner parties or a day at the office.

As far as shoes go, there are some shoes that should always be around. Brown boots are both practical and attractive for the winter months. A pair of comfortable nude pumps and black high heels should also be available for those days when you don’t have time to compare and contrast the benefits of your pink heels and your yellow mules. Be sure you have a pair of supportive tennis shoes for the gym or your daily run and ballet flats for your more feminine moments, and you should be good to go for shoe staples.

A classic tan trench coat is needed for those rainy days. (Don’t forget your umbrella!) Always keep on hand a neutral pencil skirt and pair of tailored work pants that both go well with a boyfriend blazer. With a crew neck sweater and black cardigan added to the mix, you will never have another day when you “simply have nothing to wear.” Purchase wholesale fashion clothing, and your bank account will thank you.


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