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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Summer Q&A

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Wholesale Fashion Clothing: Summer Q&A

Does the thought of summer make you cringe instead of spread your arms and whoop for joy? If so, your summer wardrobe just may be the cause of the dread. While some women look to the season’s heat to show off their bangin’ body, most of us could use a few extra trips to the gym before we’re quite ready to shed our layers of clothing. If this is you, wholesale fashion clothing is an economical solution to a widespread problem: summer fashion slug.

What shorts are best for me? I’m not as young as I used to be….

Along with age comes the potential for our legs to go downhill. Age spots, veins, and cellulite are just a few of the complaints women voice in opposition to wearing shorts. Knees are simply the ugliest body part in many people’s opinion, making knee-length shorts desirable for some. While these are indeed ideal for tall women, those of average height or shorter tend to end up looking rather stubby, as these cut the leg in half visually.

Rather, look for wholesale fashion clothing providers that offer more options. Regardless of your size, shorts that flair out are just unflattering and look like something you pulled out of from behind the sofa. Rather, consider straight lines in shorts that are more slim fitting, and don’t be afraid to raise the hemline above the knee.

What are the rules for wearing a two-piece swimsuit?

As is the case with fashion in general these days, there are no clear-cut rules. Even asking swimsuit experts this question will result in a vague response about one’s personal preference. With no guidance, what’s a girl to do anymore?

The same with all other wholesale fashion clothing- do what you want, how you want it! If others tell you that you have the body for a string bikini, but strongly disagree, if you decide to go the beach in one, you will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Never let fashion make you feel negative in any way.

Instead, wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in, plus size women included. There is no age limit on when to stop wearing a two-piece and settle for a one piece; this is completely up to you. In a nutshell: make your own rules!

What are the fashion rules for wearing white to a wedding?

We are finally getting out of the dark ages of fashion and allowing for individuality rather than strict rule following. While it has been a fashion faux paux in years past to wear white to a wedding, some women feel comfortable doing so. Case in point: during the Royal Wedding, Pippa, the Maid of Honor, wore white! If you do choose to go in this direction, be sure to add colorful accents to help set you apart from the bride. And be sure that the bride would not be offended by your wearing white, as well.

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Wholesale Fashion Hats for Summer

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Wholesale Fashion Hats for Summer

Though some individuals think that hats should only be used practically, to keep one’s head warm in the cold months of winter, anyone with fashion sense knows that this is simply not the case anymore. In fact, Google reports searches for straw hats in the summer months reaching 60,000 per month and higher on average, making this one wholesale fashion accessory that cannot be ignored.

Purchasing hats from a wholesaler can save you a surprising amount of money, while ensuring that you remain in style and covered when you want to be. For the price of one hat at a retailer, you can likely purchase a number of them from a wholesale fashion company. Whether you decide to stockpile the hats for later years, give them as gifts, or sell them on an online auction site, you can’t go wrong with such low prices.

Straw hats have never gone out of style, and are expected to stay that way in years to come. Lindu straw hats are considered the best choice for practical outdoor work in the summer, as they provide excellent protection from the sun without leaving you dripping in sweat. Maize hats are perfect for almost any need, and are made from dried corn and maize stocks to ensure nothing goes to waste in the harvesting process.

Morrocan straw hats are used more often for cute, yet practical, cowboy hats, as they keep their shape more easily. However, they are not best for extremely dry climates as the straw is more apt to break. Bamboo fashion hats are ideal for lifeguards, as well as for any weekend running errands. Usually made with a high crown, these look particularly attractive with shoulder-length hear.

Palm straw hats are generally made in Mexico, and are available at a variety of price points. Higher strands per inch rations result in higher quality, and thus more expensive, wholesale fashion hats. Styles range from Panama hats to cowboy hats. The most popular type of seagrass hat is the golfer hat, which is made of twisted seagrass in an open weave and finished with a lacquer. Any given seagrass hat may be made up of a variety of different species of marsh or sea grass, usually those growing in China.

For weddings, wholesale fashion hats are often wide-brimmed. The ribbon hat is ideal for traveling, as it may literally be folded up and packed in a suitcase, only to be ready to wear at the next appropriate event. Made up of alternating bands of wide grosgrain ribbon, the two- toned look is often the most desirable.

As shows such as Madmen soar in popularity, both men and women are getting in on the style by rocking the fedora style hat. Straw fedoras are the least expensive way to get in on the trend, but anyone looking for a more polished look will likely appreciate the traditional, stingy brim fedora.

Whatever you decide is before for you or your business when it comes to wholesale fashion hats, don’t be left behind when it comes to this hardworking, stylish accessory.

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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: The Wide World of Sandals

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Wholesale Fashion Shoes: The Wide World of Sandals

Summer brings a breath of fresh air to everyone’s style, naturally including the favorite accessory for many women: shoes. However, with the trends when it comes to sandals hot one year and not the next, most women with financial acumen limit themselves to one or two cute pairs of trendy sandals a year. Fortunately, there is a much more affordable option for fashionistas, one that allows for you to refresh your wardrobe even more!

Enter wholesale fashion shoes, the dream of any woman on a budget. Many women are discovering how great a deal it is to go in with friends and order wholesale fashion shoes together. Some women are even going so far as to offer “shoe parties” to their friends, where they actually sell the wholesale fashion shoes they purchased for a profit, and have a blast at the same time!

The wedge is making huge comeback, now known as the “modern wedge.” With sky-high wedges especially hot right now, they are cute in almost any style. Go mod with a shiny modern wedge bootie, or wear a muted off-white pair to a staff meeting. Some of the modern wedges look more like tall platforms, with a faux wood base. With straps, buckles, buttons, and zippers, look for wholesale fashion shoes in this style.

Embrace nature with sandals that remind you of lounging around at your favorite woodland retreat. Sandals made partially out of linen feel great against your skin, especially when paired with a linen shift dress. Hemp espadrilles with leather or leather-look straps look at home with almost any outfit, even in a loud color like teal.

As an homage to the summer sun, look for gold wholesale fashion shoes to add some sparkle to any outfit. A sky-high pair of golden heels is a classy touch to an evening dress, and even utilitarian hemp sandals up the style meter with some subtle gold strands interwoven into the straps.

With the popularity this season of tribal prints, it is no wonder that Saharan sandals are appearing on the jewel-adorned feet of the rich and famous. Embrace your wild side and try out a pair of flat- footed wrap sandals. Even heels are getting in on this trend with thin straps zigzagging a pair of stilettos. Maximize your trendiness with a pair of Saharan sandals with gold accents.

Satin has always been one of the most luxurious-feeling materials available. Slip into your favorite satin minidress and slip on a pair of sleek satin sandals. You are sure to feel like a movie star in such a posh outfit! For those more mundane days, look for wholesale fashion shoes that are simpler. Anyone who loves their flip flops will faint for satin flip flop sandals!

However you decide to go about purchasing your wholesale sandal wardrobe, remember the money that you are saving each season just by utilizing a different purchasing method. What will you do with all of your extra money?


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Top Wholesale Fashion Trends for Summer

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Top Wholesale Fashion Trends for Summer

As the temperature heats up, the heavy, cumbersome clothes of winter fall to the leeway as women look for wholesale fashion trends that feel cool and breezy, but sizzle in the heat of the midday sun.

This season, the one word to sum up the hottest earrings is BIG. Go bold and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone for some great wholesale fashion earrings in a variety of colors. Once you find one particular shape that you love, why not buy one in every color- and keep the rest as gifts for friends and family!

Fashion week this year featured asymmetrical necklines in almost every one of the big names in fashion. Gucci, Prada, and Valentino are just a few of the lines that hopped on board this trend. Everything from your casual weekend shirt to gorgeous, refined evening gowns sported this unusual type of neckline, which is especially flattering for anyone without the tell-tale bikini strap tan line! Look for these from wholesale fashion outlets and ensure you’ll have enough of this trend to last you until your next laundry day!

Though one would think that bling would finally be calming down to be a fashion “don’t,” silver and gold are everywhere this summer. Whether you decide to go space-age in a chrome-look cocktail dress or simply add a few gold bangles to your jewelry collection, it doesn’t matter whether it’s fake or real- just go for the gold! (Or silver!)

Color blocking was super popular in the 1980s, but styles then were… well, let’s face it, rather tacky. This theme has come back in style in a more sophisticated manner, with while blocks of color are still bold, they are now framed in another, complimentary color to prevent the eye strain inherent with the 80s clashing color block fashions.

When it comes to color this summer, jade green is the it color. Whether you add it to your ensemble with a small pendant necklace or go all out in a jade green suit, you can’t go wrong with this color. If you are hesitant to try it out, wear it for a day, and you’ll be surprised at how much flirtier you feel!

Ever look at your drapery fringe and think that someone should use that for clothing? Well, now someone has! Fringe is in, with evening dresses covered in the soft accents and light scarves with delightful tassels on the end.

Ethnic prints, or tribal style, is making a comeback as well in wholesale fashion trends. Go bohemian on the weekend with a comfortable tribal dress or linen tunic, or add an element of surprise to your business suit with an ethnic-style belt.

Wondering how to take all of these trends and make them into one fabulous outfit? Start with a jade green top with an asymmetrical neckline, and add a cute color-block skirt. Finish the look with a pair of big earrings, an ethnic- style belt, fringe purse, and a few gold or silver bangles. Voila! The wonders of wholesale fashion!

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Wholesale Fashion Accessories: Glam Up Your Summer Wardrobe

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Wholesale Fashion Accessories: Glam Up Your Summer Wardrobe

All too many women who love fashion trends pass up their favorite items of the summer season simply due to price. For anyone in this situation, or anyone who wants to get more bang for their buck, wholesale fashion accessories offer an economical solution to ensure you’ll be the envy of your friends for your amazing fashion sense.

This summer, glimmer, shine, and sparkle are once again an essential part of any wardrobe. However, most designers are dressing their clients to exude a natural, effortless elegance this season. A modern look with some subtle touches of bling is the most common ensemble- but as with everything related to fashion, there are always exceptions.

A black flowing one-shoulder dress may seem like a fashion “don’t” in the summer. But add some carefully chosen wholesale fashion accessories, and prepare to be admired. A pair of grown-up strappy flat sandals, skinny gold or silver belt, and classy black clutch round out the outfit. A sleek or braided hairstyle goes best with this look.

For times you when you feel like you need more sparkle, a silver pleated mini dress can be toned down with wholesale fashion accessories. Go for muted tones such as tan and neutral, matching your jewelry, clutch and shoes as closely as possible. One of the great things about buying wholesale is that once you find one accessory you love, you can buy it in every color to ensure a match to any outfit.

Jewelry this season is not immune to glimmer bug. Both big and bold and small and sophisticated jewelry showed up on the runways of the biggest names in fashion. Depending on the look you are going for and the clothing you have chosen, always be sure to choose big or small jewelry, as combining the two is a big fashion mistake.

One of the most neglected pieces of wholesale fashion accessories is the handbag. While it can indeed be annoying to change purses, do you really want to show up to a black tie affair with your big, clunky weekend handbag? Look for cute silver sequined purses in gold or silver, or leather clutches with silver accents.

For an edgier look, there are still plenty of fashionable options. Designers are beginning to embrace the steampunk underground look with wholesale fashion accessories that seem over the top, but look great when worn with the right clothing. Alexander McQueen’s new clutch starts with a black background, and goes punk with black feather fringe on the bottom, gold accents, and a golden skull clasp closure. Why pay retail for such an item when you can buy a similar item wholesale?

Shoes simply cannot be neglected as an essential part of any outfit. Whether you prefer silver or gold, thin or thick straps, sandals are the perfect accent to any summer ensemble. Runways featured both flats and sky-high wedges, allowing you to choose whatever you like best and still be fashionable, as you never look better than you do when you feel like a million bucks!

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Wholesale Apparel: Back to Summer Camp

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Wholesale Apparel: Back to Summer Camp

When you think back to time spent at your favorite childhood summer camp, you likely think of the smell of the pine forest, swimming in the lake, and campfire songs. While these memories certainly have their place, many designers are now recalling the fashion of these days and offering them in their popular, high-end lines.

While the rich and famous have the cash to waste on the latest designer styles of clothing, updating their wardrobe each and every season with thousands of dollars worth of new clothing, this is simply not affordable for the average consumer. Enter wholesale apparel, with many of the same options when it comes to the latest style, at incredibly lower prices.

Remember the bucket hats that you wore to keep from getting a sunburn? These are now back in style in a big way, with colors in traditional khaki, army green, and similar muted colors to easily blend in to the summer camp woods.

Who doesn’t love their khaki shorts? Look for styles that can easily go from daytime hiking trip to sailing exhibition, with some of the most popular brands offering sleek knee-length shorts. Wholesale apparel companies often offer these in sets of a few different sizes, making it a steal to purchase with a group of friends.

Weekend days around the house aren’t complete without the most comfortable wholesale apparel you can find. Long, slouchy sweatshirts showed up on the Michael Kors runway, worn without the necessity of shorts or leggings. Imagine sleeping in comfort and waking up to sip your morning cup of coffee on the deck without having to worry about changing clothes!

Wholesale apparel companies are rolling out the cloud-print blouses in an effort to harken back to lazy days spent lying in the grass picking shapes out of the clouds. Pair one of these with a green skirt and you’ll really look the picture!

As no outfit is complete without accessories, keep an eye out for jewelry made from hemp and rope. From bracelets to necklaces, some creative companies are now producing items that incorporate climbing hardware, adding a colorful, campy punch.

Leather backpacks in khaki colors and turquoise add an appropriate touch to wholesale apparel for the summer camp look. Cute little mini-backpacks and bags with leather tassels add to the illusion of a carefree summer.

Campshirts are an essential part of the summer camp trend. Chosen in shades of brown, they can be buttoned up or left open. Dress it up under a summer suit, or down with a white tube top underneath with a pair of pocketed khaki shorts.

Camp friends could never leave on another without trading friendship bracelets. In a number of manufactured styles and colors, why not purchase a lot along with your wholesale apparel and share them with your friends?

One of the best things about this fashion trend is that all of the pieces easily go together to make a cohesive outfit. Remember the good old days and slip into some good old summer camp clothes today.

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Wholesale Clothes: Dressing for the Cold Office in the Summer

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Wholesale Clothes: Dressing for the Cold Office in the Summer

When it comes to planning an outfit for work in the heat of summer, it is all too easy to throw up your hands and rely on the same off-white cardigan every day to take you from the sweltering heat outside to the icebox in your office. While a cardigan certainly is one of the options, don’t limit yourself to the same item to take you from sweaty to cold every day.

One of the great things about buying wholesale clothes is that once you find a style you like, you can purchase one in every color, often for the price of one item at your favorite store. Regardless of whether you choose a cute cardigan in a color to match every whim, or a set of pashmina scarves, wholesale clothes is the best option for finding a stylish solution to the problem of such huge temperature differences.

An unlined blazer is still in style during the summer months, particularly in a bright, summery color. Since a blazer can go with just about anything you would wear to an office environment, purchasing a set of these is a great style choice. Whether it is worn over a flirty summer dress or a pair of business pants, this is a great item to purchase from a wholesale clothes dealer.

Scared of wearing socks with anything but tennis shoes? Prada’s 2011 Resort collection features platform sandals with socks. Take a cue from this world-renowned design and make this look work for you. Look for sets of socks that provide a nice pop of color, and slip these on when you get to your desk. Stash them in your purse before you leave, and you’re fashionable and comfortable both inside and outside the office!

Cardigans still are one of the easiest methods of keeping yourself comfortable in the summer months. Wholesale clothes have come a long way in recent years, and when it comes to something as common as a cardigan, the sky is just about the limit. Peruse your wardrobe, and hone in on the most common color themes. Purchase cardigans that fit into these color schemes well, as well as your typical neutral, black, and white.

Many companies are offering cardigans that are much more than just your basic clothing item. With ruched waists, ruffles, and different styles of neckline, there is sure to be one to fit your style. A lot of wholesale clothes companies offer cardigans with snazzy decorations on them, like pearly sequins or fancy buttons. Alternately, you could always add your favorite pin to the cardigan for a bit more panache.

As tempting as it may be, don’t overlook the sweater this summer. A flirty crocheted piece could be just what you need to stay warm in your office, and will likely go well with just about any skirt. You may want to choose a button-down sweater to maintain your hairstyle, though- as long as the heat didn’t get to it first!

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