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Prints, Prints and More Prints – Please

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Prints, Prints and More Prints – Please

Bold prints are on trend and in season. There’s nothing better that makes you pop. If you think that classic patterns like plaids, stripes and polka dots have been exhausted, that may be true. Still, these are classics.

However, new up and coming trends have found themselves on the scene to help you stay fresh and stylish without prints that have been overused year after year. And don’t think we’re just talking about floral prints because of the blooming spring fashion season. This write up is all about different prints and patterns that fashion designers have gone crazy in their imagination with, on whatever design software is being used.

Even better, prints will look even more appealing once they’ve been stitched into whatever wholesale clothing it’s being made into – that is wholesale tops, wholesale dresses, wholesale pants and bottoms, etc.

Here are a few highlights:

Show off your wild side with this shift dress. It’s fun to wear, as it can be worn on sunny days or shady evening.


Check out this scarf print dress that exhibits a beaded alter top design.

Most prints offer a sharp contrast against a neutral background like solid black, as showcased above. These fashion will definitely get a double-take.

Even wholesale handbags are getting in on the action with prints:

Prints never seem to disappoint no matter the occasion. They are whimsical and avant-garde.It’s all about colors, prints and patterns this season and the Apparel Deals gives you all that and more!

You can expect the unexpected from Apparel Deals with new print tops, wholesale dresses, wholesale jeans and a whole lot more. Check back often to peep new fashion arrivals, which may entice you to buy.

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One Dress Three Looks

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One Dress Three Looks

So you may have bought one wholesale dress recently and your thinking it is too plain to wear any other way. Wrong. Where’s your creative side? Many casual dresses can be played up to look stylishly different when combined with other pieces of wholesale clothing and wholesale accessories. Plus, you will look great any way your rock it.

Work Appropriate
A casual dress can be made to look more formal with the right things. A closed flat shoes, a jacket that leans on the formal side, a string of pearls and a conservative looking earring that matches the necklace can all be put together to look like you’re ready to do some business.

Go Flirty and Girly
If you have a simple black dress for example, you can accessorize and make it look more dressy. Pair it with a nice coordinated wholesale flat shoes that adds a little variety, like a flower on top. This feminine chic is complete with a nice cardigan that’s not to long – maybe one that sits right above your waist, along with a pair of earrings and wrist bangles. In this look, you will want to play it up with a lot of accessories.

This same dress has an athletic edge. Pair with a converse boots, a timeless wholesale watch and a sports jacket. This look is great for returning or going to a fitness and health class.

Rock It
This look requires a coordinated theme of accessories to bring together the entire look. We will go with an all black look here – a wholesale black handbag, black faux leather jacket and high, very high heels. Spice it up with metallic-looking wholesale accessories for the earring and necklace. This ensemble is great for an evening out.

So you see, dresses are a lot more versatile than you give them credit for. The message here implies that not because you invested in one piece of clothing, means that there’s only one wear it. You can be resourceful and try to dress it up multiple times without it looking too obvious.

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Style Profile

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Style Profile

Here’s a novel way to help you learn more about your style and gain confidence in the way you dress – know your style profile. There are many factors that affect your style. Some may be adapted from parents, or not. Your upbringing may also be reflected in the way you dress or you may adapt the similar garb of classmates you hung out with.

Do you know your most flattering color? Your favorite fitted jean, a flattering shirt or your form fitting go-to wholesale dress? When you gain a better understanding of your style profile, you’ll be better able to select more pieces of wholesale clothing that you will love to wear rather than have them sitting in your closet. And ultimately that closet of yours will be a tell all mirror that reflects on your personality and style:

Do you have a contemporary style? Is the wholesale apparel you wear, the shoes and accessories all influenced by what everyone else is wearing. Do you always go by the latest trends? There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you tie in a little bit of uniqueness into your clothing and make it your own.
If you like the classics, like strings of pearls and all the traditional items we’ve been told for decades to have in our closet, it sort of sets you apart to always look polished and elegant.

If you’re a casual gal with a no-fuss approach to dressing, you can still look good, just so long as you start with a clean palette and choose clean colors that will complement your shape and skin tone.

Edgy personalities will typically select wholesale clothing that’s original and distinctive. Many of these personality types are fun and tend to play up their creative side. Leaning toward this edgy style of dressing is always exciting even though dark colored clothing reigns in this style spectrum.

If you’re like a chameleon, you’ll probably be able to switch gears easily based on occasion. It brings in an element of surprise if your style profile varies. Plus, it’s not uncommon for us girls to incorporate a combination of styles in our everyday life.

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Say Yes To The Dress

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Say Yes To The Dress

Sitting pretty in dresses is getting fashion right. From the long and flowing, short and sweet, styled simply or eccentric with various shades and patterns, we have a penchant for them all. If there’s one thing we like about wholesale dresses it’s that they offer women so many varieties to choose from. And… if it were up to a woman who said yes to the dress every time, we bet she could find one for every occasion, unlike other pieces of wholesale clothing. Above all else, we like the ones that hang pretty on very affordable racks.

Everyone has varied style aesthetics, and some gals are just about a small selection that make choosing easy. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Our approach to fashion includes having a blend of trendy key pieces that mix old style and new trends. Regardless of these distinctive approaches to shopping for a perfect dress, everyone will agree that come time to buy the wholesale dress, the selections can be dizzying.

This time of year, it’s a battle to find clothing diversity in the cold. Shifting from spring and summer dresses to winter paradigms has many of our ladies reaching for a convenient pair of wholesale jeans. We feel that winter shouldn’t limit your choices to just jeans alone. In addition to short dresses paired with leggings, we suggest long maxi wholesale dresses. It’s all about layers and intricate detailing. Adding a jacket and boots can do the trick to keep you both warm and feminine. If we were to choose one single key to their appeal, it would be a close call between the design and the versatility to wear in both the cold and heat. But inevitably the design would have it.

When we see women in a well worn dress that conforms to their body shape, we know onlookers will be swept away by this whirlwind of woman power. Accessorizing can also help you put on a fresh face to softly captivate the world in a striking dress. Dresses no doubt have a come-hither allure. For dresses galore, view wholesale apparel stores online for varied styles with marked down prices.

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Wholesale Clothes: What He REALLY Likes

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Wholesale Clothes: What He REALLY Likes

Since it’s commonly known that men are more visually-oriented than women, we as women apply this assumption to our wardrobe whenever we want to attract a man’s attention or go on a date with our main squeeze. High heels, mini skirts, tons of make-up, and tops that show a lot of skin are often the go-to items. However, based on a recent survey of more than fifty men, they are not quite so easily impressed with this type of outfit.

While reading the following tips on what men really find sexy, consider wholesale clothes companies as your best resource. With prices that anyone can afford, a wide selection of wholesale clothes, and fast shipping, this is the perfect way to modify your wardrobe without modifying your clothing budget.

For lazy days around the house, you just want to be comfortable. Baggy sweatpants and your favorite worn t-shirt are often the outfit of choice. While these certainly have their practical merits, consider a variation on this ensemble. Look for sweatpants that are not baggy, but more slim-fitting. Sweats in the right size are still comfy, yet don’t make you look like you’re a child swimming in adult clothing. Men simply don’t find the baggy look flattering, regardless of your size. Add a soft top that fits well, preferably one in a soft color, and you’ll be both comfortable and attractive.

Guys seem to just be confused by anything with lots of “bells and whistles.” Dresses that are super shiny or glittery, that look like you’re ready to step onto a music video, may be fine for pop stars, but real men want real women. Look for wholesale clothes that are more basic, such as A-line dresses in one color. A no-frills dress in a favorite color that is form-fitting is just what your hubby likes. Let your curves make the dress, not the other way around. An added bonus? Such a dress won’t be a one-season wonder, but can be worn with trendy accessories for years and years.

Returning to the comfy baggy look, men really don’t appreciate boyfriend jeans. Most women wear these so baggy that they really look like they belong to their boyfriend. If you really love these types of jeans, look for ones that are more tailored. The huge jeans don’t flatter anyone.

Just because most men aren’t a fan of boyfriend jeans doesn’t mean you should toss your jean collection. Jeans that are not really trendy, and fit perfectly are perfect. Wholesale clothes can be found in any style and size. Add a tank top and you’ll look fabulous without really trying- something that men find innately hot.

You may think mini-skirts leave men wanting more, but in reality they just don’t leave enough up to their imagination. Wholesale clothes companies carry all sorts of skirts. Look for a dark pencil skirt, and pair it with a colorful top and short, bright cardigan. Slip on a pair of classic heels, and look forward to some male appreciation!

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Wholesale Clothes Q&A: Winter Fashion

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Wholesale Clothes Q&A: Winter Fashion

During the frigid months of winter, often it seems as though the world will never again warm up so that you can again wear your beloved skirts, and sandals. Winter dreams are made of the breezy, comfy styles of summer, the warm feeling of the sunshine as it envelopes your body, and the sound of the waves gently splashing onto the beach. Waking up out of such dreams does not have to be a nightmare with the advent of wholesale clothes for consumers.

What shoes can I wear during winter that keep my feet warm without cramping my style?

Past winters have demonstrated the popularity of Uggs, which have even been deemed admittedly ugly by those who have purchased them. Many owners also have reported that after the ankle eventually starts to buckle due to minimal support, and they get dirty incredibly quickly. But, as fans state, they are warm.

While keeping your tootsies warm during the colder months is a priority, there is no need to give up fashion for practicality in this case. Websites that offer wholesale clothes generally also sell wholesale boots as well. Find a pair that you and some friends like, and order a set of them. Or, you could always sell those that are not in your size online.

However you decide to purchase your winter shoes, you may need to look past the first page of listing for warm ones. For the fashionista, tall black suede boots with rhinestones on them provide warmth, traction, and super style. A weekend in the backyard is a perfect opportunity to wear a pair of rubber-bottomed, fur-lined boots.

My winter coat is warm, but it’s just plain ugly. Are there any options that are more stylish, yet still keep me from freezing?

Absolutely! A coat is now part of what makes an ensemble complete in cold months. Available from most wholesale clothes websites, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Wool button down peacoats came into the style star section years ago, and they have yet to be relegated to the back of the coat closet. Though it may seem that such a seemingly thin coat would not provide much warmth, wool does the trick. Updated versions add a bit of military flair or other embellishment.

Other wool coats are both warm and stylish as well. With the price of a coat, go for one in basic black so that you won’t regret your color choice next year.

How can I keep my clothes from getting stained by wintertime slush?

Since wholesale clothes are so inexpensive, you can afford to purchase more than one pair of a trendy pair of pants. With the slush of the streets, you never know what stains you might pick up, so ensure a back up this way. Unless you will be staying inside, avoid wearing white as this will highlight stains. With some well-chosen wholesale clothes, you can be sure you weather the season in style.

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