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Popular Dress Styles

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Popular Dress Styles

Wholesale dresses are available in plenty styles, designs, lengths and prices. Some of the most popular dress styles include:

  • The A-line wholesale dress – Think of the letter A, and fit the image of a dress over this silhouette. It retains the same outline with similar designs that can be found in skirts, wholesale tops and coats. The upper section  is slimming, while the bottom half widens with all A-line wholesale dresses.
  • Babydoll dress: These mimic nightwear dresses, only with sturdier cuts of fabric to wear outdoors. Most are sleeveless and just like the A-line dress styles, these offer more room,  with a little more comfort.
  • Color Block Dresses – We’ve recently seen these styles on the runways, in department stores, and in displays on wholesale clothing websites. The method of color blocking involves different cuts of colors that are sewn together in one whole dress. Mostly, each color block will be a large solid color that offers a contrasting view to the neighboring block.
  • Shift dresses: These are loose fitting and are usually shorter in length. Shift dresses are versatile, because they can be tied in various ways to provide different looks.
  • Tea Length Dresses –  These are popular because of the height of style they provide – literally. Tea length dresses are neither too long, nor too short. They are cut right below  the knee and are ideal for casual occasions, work or party outings.
  • Sheath Dresses – Provide the perfect form fit to your body type. These are mostly reserved for formal  occasions, as they are typically custom-fitted for the wearer. Even so, you can find a readymade dress that fits just right for you, online, for your very own special occasion.

When it comes to wholesale dresses, there are too many styles to pick just one. So, take stock of what you already have, then stock up some more to hold a diverse supply of fashionable wholesale apparel.

Looking great doesn’t have to be expensive either, as shopping in wholesale clothing stores can significantly drop the price at checkout, while retaining the same great quality.

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Summer 2012 Tops

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Summer 2012 Tops

A new season is on the horizon, and it’s time to start preparing for yet another wardrobe overhaul. The layers are beginning to shed, as are the colder days of seasons past. Here are a few trendy wholesale tops you may want to stock up on this coming summer season:

Basic Apparel – such as thin spaghetti straps can be worn alone with wholesale bottoms like shorts, denims, skirts and the likes.

Nautical Stripes – are always a favorite, perhaps becomes of the light, airy look we crave come hot weather times. These designs don’t have to be restricted to tops alone either, as you can buy them in dresses, skirts and other types of wholesale clothing.

Bright Colors – Think primary palettes or colors of the rainbow. They all have a place in days of cheery summertime days for lazing out on the beach, for casual or weekend time relaxation, and simply lounging around in the comfort of your home.

Long ShirtsWe’ve seen this trend in mags. Are you wondering whether it will work for you? If you’re a tad shy about going solo with the long shirts, but dread the heat of leggings, then what about pairing these with cropped pants, wholesale shorts or a mini skirt? Just make sure the color coordination is a go!

Maxi Wholesale Dresses – These can be found in just about all women’s wardrobes, from petite to plus size women, there’s a pattern and style to fit each style and body type. Mostly, maxi dresses are characterized by long flowing lengths, but they can be styled differently at the upper half section to include racer backs, spaghetti straps, cross stitches and more.

Shopping online is a great way to browse through wholesale apparel deals in a wide variety of departments, without burning gas or energy. Even though shopping is a pleasure, it’s exhausting driving from A to Z  and back to A again for sales and discount prices.

Get more style tips by staying tuned to the Apparel Deals blog. We provide fashionable advice, listings of clearances and sales, to take you through this season and beyond.


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Do You Select Your Outfits Ahead of Time?

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Do You Select Your Outfits Ahead of Time?

Are you an organized creature of habit, so much so that you plan each fashion outfit for seven days in a row?

Maybe you aren’t so organized, but wholesale fashion selections are a must-do at the top of your weekly task list.

This could be a great sign of a career in wholesale fashion styling, or it could be a sign that you’d much rather avoid the morning mayhem of rushing to get dressed every single day.

In this article, we’ll highlight why laying out your outfits is one of the best advices  you’ll receive when it comes to staying on top of organization, and looking great while at it. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time on it or dedicate a collage to do so.

It’s simple. You’ll see:

The top advantages for laying out outfits include:

  • It saves time in the mornings (approximately 10-15 minutes)
  • You’ll look more polished, as more thought would have been exercised for your dress when selecting the day or week before
  • You get more variety with your wholesale clothing wardrobe

The most obvious benefit is the time factor for a smoother morning beauty routine, and leaving the door in your best possible shape.

How To Plan Ahead:

We all know a few folks who take their obsession with organization to the next level. There’s nothing wrong with that if that works for them. However, planning ahead for your outfits doesn’t have to mean putting labels on everything you already know is there.

We recommend selecting the outfits, whether these are wholesale dresses, or tops and bottoms for the office, and also a few casual denims for weekend wear.

Planning  weekly won’t be too much of a stretch,  and it saves you big time on weekdays when you’re rushing to get work, school, etc. done.

It’s much like planning a menu to stick to a healthy diet, only in this instance you’re planning wholesale apparel outfits to look fashionably sensible, while still not losing your mind come morning.  It also cuts out on those blank stares in the closet.

Share your tips below on how you plan what to wear each day. Do you go day-by-day, or would you like to try planning to see if it works?

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The Right to Bare Arms

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The Right to Bare Arms

The Right to Bare Arms

Ladies have the right to bare arms, speaking from a legal standpoint and fashion-wise too. The one-shoulder, off-shoulder, tunic top and sleeveless appeal is free spirited , fun, and it brings back that cool confidence for those who wear it.

These styles take the wow-factor up a notch and shows off toned skin forms like evening gowns that will make a dramatic cut at the center of one shoulder.

One shoulder  styles may have had a period of remission, but it’s coming back in full swing in all arenas, in everyday life and even on the red carpet. Did you check out the Oscars’ fashion?  If not, you should. You can find really great fashion inspirations on how to wear an off shoulder wholesale dress, wholesale top,  or even a wholesale swimsuit, while still flattering your figure.

And because you’re going to be baring one of your arms, you’ll also need the right undergarment so as to not look tacky. These include wholesale basic apparel like strapless bras or a  discreet one to pull this entire look together in a clean and polished way.

Check out a few selected pieces that you can wear for different occasions below:


 The One Shoulder Rouched Dress

This dress will make you look like a million dollars but the price tag on this baby is $8.50 per unit. It is drop dead gorgeous, and the price will make you look twice! That’s really unbelievable. I can’t get over the price of this awesome wholesale dress. Can you?

Moving on….

One Shoulder Floral Top W/Belt

Just as affordable,  but still of high quality, this beau can catch a beau. It makes it look casually cool to wear a one shoulder in every day real life – wouldn’t you agree? And the belted waist also makes it utterly irresistible to buy.


The One Shoulder Dress

This one shoulder dress below is detailed. It is sleek and elegant for a formal event or even a cocktail party.

And just as a conclusion, one shoulder options give you diversity in your wholesale clothing. Show a little skin and have some fun baring your arms!





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Spring Dresses 2012

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Spring Dresses 2012

Spring is in the air, and with flowers abloom, many ladies will want to match this atmosphere with bright colors, florals and light, airy fabrics.

In ushering the new year in, here are some of our favorite spring dresses for 2012. Ring in the season with a pop of color that will garner compliments and work as conversation starter. Plus, the most obvious benefit of wearing a spring dress is that you’ll feel fabulous in your fit:

• Minis –We mean the casual ones, are ideal for days when you just want to slip on sandals and slide on a dress in a no fuss, but still look fabulous way.

• Polka Dots – Especially large ones, is a stylish pattern that’s always endearing. Casual polka dot dresses are fun, flirty and over the top fabulous.

• Maxi Dress – The maxi dress is revisited on several occasions, and that’s because they are so versatile. Floor length maxis can be worn year round, but during spring, you can wear them alone. They have a fluid drape to them, which provides amazing comfort.

• Belted Waist Dress – These dress styles accentuate the silhouette, and provide a touch of diversity to beltless forms. The belt can be tied to the right or left side, or at the center, to wear different ways on various days.

Glamor is not reserved for anyone, so throw on a pair of aviator sunglasses with your new spring dress and pair with a wedged heel shoe. Even if temps are still a bit chilly, pair your new dress with a tights and cardigan now, then go solo when it heats up later.

Head here to see a gallery of spring dress collections. Changing seasons allows fashionistas to break the monotony ,and step out into a new set of clothing. If you’re preparing to spring clean your home, dust off those sandals in your closet too, because it’s almost time to bare your feet and show a little legs.

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What Your Clothing Color Reveals About You

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What Your Clothing Color Reveals About You

Like a sports team with a favorite color, some  studies show that the color you wear reflects what you stand for, whether you’re an optimist, pessimist, power lover, or are pretty indifferent and carefree.  It speaks a lot about how you think and your personality. To play up on the fun side of things, we’ll be giving short insights into the color wholesale clothing you’re most inclined to wearing. When we’re done, be sure to find your favorite frock in a hue that’s you.

Power Hour

Many stylist know that the color red commands power. That’s why it’s the color of choice for most politicians or when you’re going on a job interview. It doesn’t even mean you have to dress completely red either, incorporating bits and pieces of the color means you’re serious, confident and ready to take on the job.

The Eternal Optimist

Yellow wholesale apparel is very revitalizing to see and wear. If you’re feeling great about your day or a recent event, chances are you’ll choose a bright colored clothing. That reminds me, you’ll probably look like a sunflower, not in the literal sense. They say happiness is contagious so spread it on!


Love pink or different shades of pink? You’re quite in tune with yourself, maybe having a sense of zen. Not to mention, this season was filled with many varieties of this color in laces, embroideries and more feminine chic type styles.

Lady of Virtue

White wholesale apparel as the color suggests, reflects on a fresh new attitude. It comes with the territory of being almost OCD-type clinical clean. You’re the organizer, you feel like everything has a place and a time.

Brainy Lady

If you’re always wearing a grey pants suit, chances are you like to conduct intellectual conversations with a hint of elegance. Even though you may be a nerd, you’re a fun one who also likes great style. This is even more solid if you prefer wearing that suit of yours with a pair of heels.

However you’re perceived, many times ladies have quite a mixture of colors and these colors may not mean this is your personality every day, just the personality of the day.

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