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Wholesale clothing for Stylish Women

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Wholesale clothing for Stylish Women

In today’s times, stay connected with the latest fashion trends has a very special significance. Maybe that is why everyone wants to stay connected with vogue trends today, whether it is me, you or anyone.

Women have a special Wholesale clothing for womenrecognition in the fashion world, or can say women are the symbol of fashion! Fashion is incomplete without women, perhaps that is why all fashion stuff of women, whether they are women’s clothing, jewelry, or even fashion accessories, are sold at very high prices in shopping malls, markets, boutiques, and retail shops.

However, women have the solution to all these and that is wholesale clothing for stylish women. Wholesale clothing includes every need of women’s fashion such as, clothing, ornaments, jewelry, accessories, etc., and all this is available at very cheap prices.

Wholesale clothes are the leading way in fashion. The clothes are considered the prominent trends in the fashion industry. Wholesale clothing brings women fashionistas great savings. That is why women are the overwhelming buyers of wholesale clothing on the Internet.

Wholesale fashion industry brings great clothing collections from clothing distributors worldwide. These collections include, Plus Size Dresses, Formal Dresses, Informal Dresses, Semi-Formal Dresses, Evening Dresses, Sexy Party Dresses, Clubwear, Tops, Cami, Casual, Tees, Bottoms, Jeans, Capri-Shorts, Lingerie, Hosiery, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Skirts, Cardigans, Sweaters, Jackets, and much more at lowest and best prices

It is not that wholesale clothing is only for stylish women. Wholesale clothes are for everyone, for men, women, children, and aged. Anyone can buy dresses from wholesale fashion stores on the Internet. For shopping online, the buyers just have to have knowledge of the Internet. Fashion Clothes for women

By the way, women are very intelligent. They know when, how and where to buy the fashion stuff. Perhaps this is why women believe on wholesale clothing, because here they find all the things related to fashion at cheap prices.

Wholesale dresses are available for every season, and are available throughout the year. It is also possible that you get even more discounts on seasonal clothing after the season is over.

A wide variety of selection is available from small to large size clothing in various colors, designs and patterns, online. Go and buy your favorite clothes today!

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How To Pack for a Weekend Trip

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How To Pack for a Weekend Trip

Are you planning a weekend getaway? Here are some tips to get you packing without stressing.

First, consider how many days in total you’ll be spending away from home, and then pack as necessary. One mistake that travelers tend to make is packing too much out of fear that too little clothing will be available for everything that is being planned. However, planning outfits based on trip occasions will ensure that you’ll have just enough, with one or two outfits to spare. Here goes:

Start with the basics of wholesale apparel:

Think about undergarments, socks and these necessities. If you need new items for a special occasion like a honeymoon, or a date with a beau, then shopping in the basic apparel aisle can help you stock up on brand new undergarments.

Next, let’s move on to the amount of days you’ll be away. Based on these number of days, you can then  pack casual outfits to include wholesale tops, wholesale pants or bottoms and matching wholesale accessories.

Even though you may have checked the weather, take it from our experience, the temperature changes often in every region, so be sure to carry both long and short sleeve varieties. If you prefer to travel light, then taking one wholesale jacket along will do just fine.

Carry something dressy, like a stylish wholesale dress to wear for an evening party or a dinner.

If you plan on adventuring around the vicinities of your vacation, be sure to pack along a sports suit or something related to the activity you plan to engage in.

Bring shoes for casual outfits, wholesale dress styles and also a simple sandal.

These carry-alongs should cover you for these few days without worry. Don’t forget to pack one or two more outfits in case you decide to stay a little longer.

Enjoy your weekend getaway and remember to pack light and smart! In an up and coming post, we will highlight ways to pack wholesale clothing in your luggage to prevent wrinkles in your clothes, as well as getting  everything organized in this tiny space.


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Popular Dress Styles

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Popular Dress Styles

Wholesale dresses are available in plenty styles, designs, lengths and prices. Some of the most popular dress styles include:

  • The A-line wholesale dress – Think of the letter A, and fit the image of a dress over this silhouette. It retains the same outline with similar designs that can be found in skirts, wholesale tops and coats. The upper section  is slimming, while the bottom half widens with all A-line wholesale dresses.
  • Babydoll dress: These mimic nightwear dresses, only with sturdier cuts of fabric to wear outdoors. Most are sleeveless and just like the A-line dress styles, these offer more room,  with a little more comfort.
  • Color Block Dresses – We’ve recently seen these styles on the runways, in department stores, and in displays on wholesale clothing websites. The method of color blocking involves different cuts of colors that are sewn together in one whole dress. Mostly, each color block will be a large solid color that offers a contrasting view to the neighboring block.
  • Shift dresses: These are loose fitting and are usually shorter in length. Shift dresses are versatile, because they can be tied in various ways to provide different looks.
  • Tea Length Dresses –  These are popular because of the height of style they provide – literally. Tea length dresses are neither too long, nor too short. They are cut right below  the knee and are ideal for casual occasions, work or party outings.
  • Sheath Dresses – Provide the perfect form fit to your body type. These are mostly reserved for formal  occasions, as they are typically custom-fitted for the wearer. Even so, you can find a readymade dress that fits just right for you, online, for your very own special occasion.

When it comes to wholesale dresses, there are too many styles to pick just one. So, take stock of what you already have, then stock up some more to hold a diverse supply of fashionable wholesale apparel.

Looking great doesn’t have to be expensive either, as shopping in wholesale clothing stores can significantly drop the price at checkout, while retaining the same great quality.

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Must-Haves to Pack for The Beach

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Must-Haves to Pack for The Beach

Are you planning on heading to the beach? Here are some great wholesale clothing items to always carry with you:

Cover-ups – from the traditional to trendy styles, can take you from shy maven to a fun loving beach bum. Up the ante for beachwear comfort by slipping this into your wholesale bag, to slip on whenever the need arises.

Sandals – one of the worst things you can do when heading to the beach is wear your regular shoes. This is because 9 times out of 10, the weather will be humid. Second, you’ll risk ruining a good pair of shoes with sand and water. More often than not, the sand will remain in your shoes longer than expected. But most importantly, and on with the positives: sandals offer comfort, style and air to breath, on the beach.

Wholesale Sunglasses – protect your eyes with shades. Need we say more?

Jackets – In the unlikely event of wind or rain, take along a wholesale jacket to provide shelter in case of what if typed weather conditions.

Summer Hats – which can be found in the wholesale accessories department, offer well needed shade for those who plan on laying out in the sun, or even reading a book  for the ultimate relaxation.

Denims – Spring into summer with colored denims. And by denims, we mean short shorts. Traditional blue washes may be something you’ve gotten acquainted with, but how about other colors for a change? And by colored denims, we don’t mean black. Try  your hands on new shades of blue, red, or yellow that are popping up all over.

Swimwear – Of course, swimwear is a always a must, and these can be worn under your wholesale apparel to save yourself the hassle of finding a crowded bathroom on  popular beach day.

One last thing to remember: UV protection via lotions, creams or sprays. These are totally unrelated to wholesale fashion, but nonetheless necessary for your health. These are provided at discount prices in the wholesale cosmetics department of the Apparel Deals online.

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Classically Cool Ladies Tops

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Classically Cool Ladies Tops


What’s top style do you find yourself more likely to purchase?

Here are some of the most common versions of wholesale top styles that most women are more probable to wear, if not just rocking a basic T:

  1. Filigree – This could be designed through knitted or crocheted styles, embroidered versions, or by a simple pressed print from a lead designer.
  2. Florals? These are somewhat related to filigree patterns, but are much more bolder, in terms of vibrant patterns and the majestic display of blooms under a basic background.
  3. No Text Tees – Some may need words to convey a message, but a basic wholesale top with no text whatsoever is something to admire. It gives a hint at your style, without saying a word.
  4. Vintage Style Wholesale Shirts – From cardigans, lattice wholesale tops, indies, or bohos, the styles of decades past are in full bloom in the 21st century. Agreed?
  5. Tunic Tops – That make you look perfectly wise, but at the same time cool.
  6. Peplum Tops – These offer a little flare at the bottom of the wholesale top, but it’s pretty neat, with the cinched waistline and the stylish patterns you can find.
  7. Oversized Tops – That conceal common imperfections are ideal from pulling over, when you happen to be in no mood to play dress up, but still want to appear as though you care.
  8. Peasant Tops – For those of you wondering how these came to be, we’ll give you a brief rundown of the history in just a few short sentences: These were adapted from fashionable European countries in the 1960s, but they’ve still remained very relevant today, with a carefree feel that’s well-suited for casual day.
  9. Rouched and Ruffled Tops – These wholesale apparel take the ordinary and gives it something unique to work with. Plus, most stylists claim these as looking more feminine than plain Jane.
  10. Pocket Belted Tops – These are versatile for both work and play. They offer length, depth and a playful twist on plain tops with sleeves.

There, we’ve outlined some of the most classically  cool tops you can find.  These can be sourced for discount prices on wholesale clothing sites just like Apparel Deals.

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Summer 2012 Tops

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Summer 2012 Tops

A new season is on the horizon, and it’s time to start preparing for yet another wardrobe overhaul. The layers are beginning to shed, as are the colder days of seasons past. Here are a few trendy wholesale tops you may want to stock up on this coming summer season:

Basic Apparel – such as thin spaghetti straps can be worn alone with wholesale bottoms like shorts, denims, skirts and the likes.

Nautical Stripes – are always a favorite, perhaps becomes of the light, airy look we crave come hot weather times. These designs don’t have to be restricted to tops alone either, as you can buy them in dresses, skirts and other types of wholesale clothing.

Bright Colors – Think primary palettes or colors of the rainbow. They all have a place in days of cheery summertime days for lazing out on the beach, for casual or weekend time relaxation, and simply lounging around in the comfort of your home.

Long ShirtsWe’ve seen this trend in mags. Are you wondering whether it will work for you? If you’re a tad shy about going solo with the long shirts, but dread the heat of leggings, then what about pairing these with cropped pants, wholesale shorts or a mini skirt? Just make sure the color coordination is a go!

Maxi Wholesale Dresses – These can be found in just about all women’s wardrobes, from petite to plus size women, there’s a pattern and style to fit each style and body type. Mostly, maxi dresses are characterized by long flowing lengths, but they can be styled differently at the upper half section to include racer backs, spaghetti straps, cross stitches and more.

Shopping online is a great way to browse through wholesale apparel deals in a wide variety of departments, without burning gas or energy. Even though shopping is a pleasure, it’s exhausting driving from A to Z  and back to A again for sales and discount prices.

Get more style tips by staying tuned to the Apparel Deals blog. We provide fashionable advice, listings of clearances and sales, to take you through this season and beyond.


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Wholesale Clothing Finds

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Wholesale Clothing Finds

Wholesale clothing online can be called a blessing, as shoppers can buy the latest wholesale clothing and accessories at steep markdowns.

Cheap clothing can certainly be chic, without it looking like the price. This is because it’s likely they are the same type of clothing you’d purchase in a store. The only difference is that it’s far less expensive at online wholesale stores with direct relations to manufacturers.

Here are a the top items you’ll find at a wholesale store:

Wholesale Clothing for Women

Find items like wholesale dresses, stylish tops, trendy cut bottoms, jewelry and more.

Wholesale Clothing for Men

Men can deck out for weekend getaways, around-the-town occasions, a sail away vacation, 9-5 business, and more – in polos, men’s tops, denims, formal suits and more –for less.

 Wholesale Jewelry

Ladies who have an affinity for jewelry can shop for a wide selection of hair clips, watches, earrings and more, to dazzle every day.

Wholesale Cosmetics

Think foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes to get a polished look – always, and for the most affordability.

Wholesale Fragrances

Perfumes for her, and colognes for him, are added extras that you’ll find with wholesale outlets, even those that focus more on wholesale apparel. There’s a wide selection of scents, from different manufacturers and brands.

Wholesale Accessories

Turn a plain outfit into a head turner with handbags, belts, sunglasses and other trendy accessories.

These hints give you previews of what you’ll find at a wholesale clothing store, especially online platforms. There, you can shop for yourself and your entire family, at below retail prices.

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What Fashion Lifestyle Do  You Live?

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What Fashion Lifestyle Do You Live?

When shopping at a wholesale clothing outlet, you’re likely to find items that fit right in with your lifestyle. These include:

  • Jet Setters – Who needn’t worry,  as new designs are released. New trends head straight to wholesale fashion outlets, direct from the manufacturer.
  • Brides-To- Be – Yes, you heard that right! Cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and other types of formal wear are to be found at wholesale clothing stores. While you may not necessarily find a wedding dress, there are tons of wholesale apparel  for your supporting crew, right along with accessories.
  • Beauty Junkie – Are you addicted to cosmetics, and everything fashion? Then you can get your fix at Apparel Deals.
  • Fitness Guru – Serious about health? Get yoga fashion like workout bottoms, tops and basic apparel to push yourself beyond limits.
  • Domestic Diva – Not because you stay at home means you lounge around in pjs all day. Right? Though they’re comfy, you’re not so soft where this is concerned. You like wholesale dresses, putting makeup on, and setting a fine three-course meal. You too can get the latest wholesale fashion at wholesale clothing stores.
  • Executives – Those expensive three-piece suits can be discounted at wholesale stores, with the same high-quality and seamless look. Shine at the office, without blowing your budget. Some wholesale fashion stores will even add free shipping when you spend over a certain amount,  for your well-stocked closet.
  • Socialites – Do you hit up the party scene every chance you get? Get changing dresses for every night of the week, with different styles, lengths, patterns and colors to match your mood.

Which lifestyle do you fit into? Like most of us, you’re probably a chameleon too. The point is whichever diva or workaholic you are, there’s a clothing personality  waiting for you to snatch up at a wholesale store near you.

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Markers of a Good Wholesaler

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Markers of a Good Wholesaler

Are you looking for a wholesale clothing supplier that offers the best prices, widest variety and the most reliability? These qualities are a given. Here are a few other indicators of a good wholesale clothing store that ought to be considered:

Respect – How long has the supplier been in business; what are customers saying about them; are reviews pointing upwards rather than downwards? These are some questions to ask.

Huge Warehouse – The size of the warehouse matters. You know why? It means you’re getting wholesale clothing directly from the wholesaler, rather than a dropshipper. Also, you’ll  have a wider selection of choices through a larger square footage.

Change – Nothing stays constant, and especially fashion. Therefore, does the wholesaler always have the same fashion for years or months on end, without new additions? When shopping with a wholesale fashion store, you will want one that gives you the most leeway in providing up-to-date fashion for your customers. This in turn reflects better on you, as customers will expect the very latest in fashion from your store.

Customer Service – Is the wholesale apparel store willing to help with any glitches in your order? Do they have a well staffed house of agents that are willing to help. Also, consider if the website has direct access to a live chat agent for added convenience, and timely resolutions.

Minimum Costs – Sure these bad boys are operating for a profit too. But the appeal of their service is to specifically provide the best prices for retailers like yourself.

Variety – Is the wholesale clothing offered one-dimensional? There has to be diversity in styles and patterns for wholesale dresses, wholesale tops, wholesale bottoms and wholesale accessories. Also, if you’re stocking for both men and women’s wholesale clothing, it helps to find everything in one place. Wouldn’t you agree?

Easy Navigation – The last thing you want to do is scuffle around, just to find a match. Websites that look professional and offer easy surfing reflect well on the company.

Consider these factors before selecting your go-to wholesale fashion store.

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Legs Versus Length

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Legs Versus Length

In fashion, do you prefer minis or long floor length dresses?

Most will agree that the answer to this question will depend on the time of day,  the season of the year, or the occasion you’re getting dressed for.

This also depends on an individual’s comfort level with baring their legs.

Maxi wholesale dresses for example, is the epitome of casual lengths that aren’t too overbearing on heated days. This can be attributed to the material of these dresses, or perhaps the altered, spaghetti straps, or other cuts at the top of the dress.

If you’re caught somewhere in the middle, you can certainly get a wholesale dress that’s also cut short in the middle – these are knee length varieties.

Wholesale bottoms are offered in varied cuts also, from short shorts, to capris that are cut off at the knees or at the calves. Pants of course, are just that – pants, unless you decide to cuff them above your shoes.

Another wholesale fashion debate is to go with bare legs when dressing up, or wearing hosiery.

In fashion, the bottom line is preference, and also having a variety of wholesale clothing to pick and choose from, including:

Get them all Appareldeals.com

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