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Winter Fashion Accessories

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Winter Fashion Accessories

Accessories can transform and revamp any outfit instantly. Whether it is something casual or basic, add some layered chain necklaces or chandelier earrings, and viol à! Accessories are that extra something, the icing on the cake, and then some. Accessories can glam you up and draw the eyes to that shiny trinket hanging off your wrist or pendant sitting below your neck. A girl can never have too much accessories!

This winter season, dress up your neutrals with bright details to focus your attire. Add bright accessories to your ensemble, like scarves, purses or handbags, hats, or a great looking pair of earrings. Go for a vibrant that will become the attention-getter of the outfit.

Blue is a lively color for shoes, handbags, clutches, hats, and gloves for this season color accessories. It’s an electrifying color that makes your clothes pop against the backdrop of this season’s neutrals, but not too bright that it will take away attention to the rest of your attire.

Of course scarves are a must-have in your wardrobe this winter season. It can be worn every day, with a casual outfit, or even as a trendy cover-up for evening dresses at night. Cashmere scarves seems to be the favorite of designers this season. Opaque nylons are a definite do this season, and keeps you warm and classy when donning a dress or skirt.

For shoes, reptile leather is going to be the trend this season. Both pointy and round toed heels will be splendid choices, so no need to have to box them up in the back of your closet for winter. Chunky heels usually appear during the colder seasons, and they will materialize this winter as they provide both confidence and comfort to the wearer. For the brave and bold, wearing socks in heels are also trending. If socks are too warm, then one can’t go wrong with opaque nylons mentioned earlier.

There is no question that every woman can understand the essence of jewelry as a fashion statement and accessory. Huge, extravagant pieces of jewelry, like necklaces and earrings have been recently displayed on the runways. Feather earrings are all the rage this season and can be found wholesale. So are floral print handbags. The floral print has established itself and stayed since Spring, and is going to continue to trend through more seasons.  Adding a floral print handbag will also add flair of femininity to your outfit.

A touch of vividness that accessories can bring to an outfit goes a long way! Go ahead and stock up!

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Dresses for the Winter

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Dresses for the Winter

Dresses during the cold season may seem impractical, but in actuality, it’s far from it. One of the best things about donning dresses during the winter season is layering. Dresses aren’t only limited for the warmer weather. Whether it’s with accessories, blazers, cardigans, tights, or boots, these extra pieces instantly create plenty of different looks and add oomph to your outfit. Winter dresses are wonderful feminine pieces for the colder season.

Keep a look out for dresses that have sexy, classy, and classic features. The waistline is something that is making a comeback this season. The fitted dress for the winter is a shift from the flowing fabrics of summer. The dresses for winter are sexier and edgier, but not super skin tight, so you can still be comfortable in them.

Knitted dresses are a popular and a fashion-must this winter. They’re very versatile as they can be worn on their own or with layers. Knitted dresses can be worn for a professional daytime work or a rockin’ night out when paired with key pieces. They add curves but are still very comfortable and breathable. Long or short sleeves, these dresses give you the hourglass silhouette and still keep you warm. A staple item that is both sensual and sensible!

With the holidays lining up, it calls for more occasions and events to wear an evening dress or cocktail. Crimson a trending color this season, so put on a long scarlet dress, fit for a romantic candlelit dinner, a Christmas party, family event, or a bustling night out in the town with the girls. The eye-catching dress color helps the wearer believe that she is special. There’s just a magical effect about crimson dresses that makes everyone in a room stop for a moment and become aware of the presence of the lady in red. Ring in the New Year with a ruby color dress!

Animal print has been a recurring theme on the runways this year, and fashion runway designers all agree that animal print will last through this season as well. Animal print comes in different variations and shades:  tiger print, leopard, zebra, and even different colors such blue or pink found in wholesale fashion. Weather leopard or snakeskin print, it’s sexy, fashionable, and stylish. It’s best to wear animal print short and simple, and important to not overdo it.

So this winter season, go ahead and fill your closet with these must-have signature dress pieces.

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