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Top 5 Hairdos for This Summer

Top 5 Hairdos for This Summer

There is hardly any look as unattractive as a mop of hair with loose strands sticking on one’s neck on a hot summer day. Summer hairstyling is all about keeping your hair off your face, and letting your face glow radiantly, without a strand out of place. Here are our picks for hairstyles worth experimenting with this summer-

1. The sleek pony - It was in vogue a decade ago, and will probably be as trendy 10 years from now. The ubiquitous sleek pony is one hairstyle that will never let you down. Whether it’s with a business suit, or with the sun dresses from your wholesale fashion shopping, you can sport this hairdo with any look.

2. Stylish ponies – A pony does not necessarily have to be plain and boring. There’s a lot that can be done to give an edgy look to this classic hairstyle. You could section your hair into two or three ponies and combine them at the nape of your neck. A center partition at the forehead also looks uber-stylish. You could add several more details like braids, a poof, or some cute floral wholesale accessories like clips or bands.

3. The side-partition – This look was big last year, and is still being sported on many top runways. It’s perfect for those days when you’d love to let your hair down, but still want to keep it off your face. Sweep your hair into a neat side partition, keep stray strands in place with hairspray, and you have the perfect hairstyle to go with your vibrant wholesale clothes.

4. Side – parting meets low bun- While the side partition looks fab with your hair let loose, there are many occasions when that might not be appropriate. Tying your hair into a low bun along with the side partition can be a life savior on such days. Pair this look with a white crisp shirt and a pencil skirt, and complete it with high heels from a wholesale fashion shoes collection, and there goes a perfect 10 on the scoreboard!

5. Accessorized up-dos – If you thought up-dos were only for red-carpet divas, you might need to rethink this season! Nothing looks classier than slick and shiny hair neatly done into a low-slung bun. If you think that’s too passé, you can add some cute wholesale fashion accessories like pearly pins for some girly charms to this no-nonsense look.

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