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Top Wholesale Fashion Trends for Summer

Top Wholesale Fashion Trends for Summer

As the temperature heats up, the heavy, cumbersome clothes of winter fall to the leeway as women look for wholesale fashion trends that feel cool and breezy, but sizzle in the heat of the midday sun.

This season, the one word to sum up the hottest earrings is BIG. Go bold and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone for some great wholesale fashion earrings in a variety of colors. Once you find one particular shape that you love, why not buy one in every color- and keep the rest as gifts for friends and family!

Fashion week this year featured asymmetrical necklines in almost every one of the big names in fashion. Gucci, Prada, and Valentino are just a few of the lines that hopped on board this trend. Everything from your casual weekend shirt to gorgeous, refined evening gowns sported this unusual type of neckline, which is especially flattering for anyone without the tell-tale bikini strap tan line! Look for these from wholesale fashion outlets and ensure you’ll have enough of this trend to last you until your next laundry day!

Though one would think that bling would finally be calming down to be a fashion “don’t,” silver and gold are everywhere this summer. Whether you decide to go space-age in a chrome-look cocktail dress or simply add a few gold bangles to your jewelry collection, it doesn’t matter whether it’s fake or real- just go for the gold! (Or silver!)

Color blocking was super popular in the 1980s, but styles then were… well, let’s face it, rather tacky. This theme has come back in style in a more sophisticated manner, with while blocks of color are still bold, they are now framed in another, complimentary color to prevent the eye strain inherent with the 80s clashing color block fashions.

When it comes to color this summer, jade green is the it color. Whether you add it to your ensemble with a small pendant necklace or go all out in a jade green suit, you can’t go wrong with this color. If you are hesitant to try it out, wear it for a day, and you’ll be surprised at how much flirtier you feel!

Ever look at your drapery fringe and think that someone should use that for clothing? Well, now someone has! Fringe is in, with evening dresses covered in the soft accents and light scarves with delightful tassels on the end.

Ethnic prints, or tribal style, is making a comeback as well in wholesale fashion trends. Go bohemian on the weekend with a comfortable tribal dress or linen tunic, or add an element of surprise to your business suit with an ethnic-style belt.

Wondering how to take all of these trends and make them into one fabulous outfit? Start with a jade green top with an asymmetrical neckline, and add a cute color-block skirt. Finish the look with a pair of big earrings, an ethnic- style belt, fringe purse, and a few gold or silver bangles. Voila! The wonders of wholesale fashion!

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