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Trendy Tops

Trendy Tops

Today we’ll examine a few tops that are far from boring. Unlike T-shirts, which by the way come in several cuts and styles, there are tons of stylish shirts to pick from. Whenever you select wholesale clothing that complements you, it sends a clear message that you like dressing distinctively, whether elegantly, edgy, or a combination of both.

Trendy Shirt Styles:

• Show a Little Skin – with cut outs around the back or in carefully selected places by a wholesale clothing designer. Without being too revealing, a nice cut, like an off shoulder top, one shoulder or a peep in a selected side or back of the shirt adds a little edge.

• Embroidery – This has made a comeback from the 80s, and is still fashionable and feminine. When we think of embroidered tops, we may first picture a bohemian-indie style. This is true in some cases, or it could the top may just incorporate a faint embroidered design that adds delicacy and femininity.

• Lace – Graceful and intricate designs add a surprising element to an otherwise dull top. These patterned open work is a web of trendiness.

• Nautical Stripes – Nautical patterned tops are not reserved for the seas. They’re on-trend on the wholesale fashion scene.

• Racer Backs – Reflect a sporty or athletic vibe, or it can be created to be more loose fitting and casual. Pair with a basic apparel for extra comfort and protection.

• Embellishments, Florals, Patterns – And everything else that comes in between, help set you apart to express your individual style.

These ideas when shopping for wholesale tops give your outfit a fresh edge, whether your pairing with a slack, wholesale jean or short. Dressing up rules, especially when you take the right pieces and wear them appropriately with the accents and matching bottoms. Get cute and affordable wholesale tops here.

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