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We Love Winter Fashions

We Love Winter Fashions
It’s time to break out the winter clothes, but don’t let your style hide under those bulky jackets. This
winter the fashion gods are crying out for you to be wearing a bold statement piece every time you
leave the house.

The most important winter staple is of course your jacket. Though you should keep your cute pea-coat
for dinner with the in-laws, a stronger military style is what you want to be wearing when you head out
with your girlfriends. This style is defined by strict lines and, often times, many buttons.

You can find this in a trench coat style, which looks great paired with tall boots and a dress. A
short leather military coat would be on par as well, but you’ll want to pick something sporting
straps on the shoulders. Don’t want to spend a lot? Look no further. You can find these wholesale at

The winter shoes trending right now are wedge boots and chunk heels. Whether in warm or cold this
winter, both styles can be a great choice. Your chunk heels will look great peeking out from the under
the hem of your wholesale jeans, but the wedge boots, in a bold color, can elevate your simple black
dress to a new level. Remember, if you’re going bold with shoes, try to keep the outfit neutral, and let
your boots make the statement for you.

Finally, warding off the winter doldrums are loud textures and patterns. It’s time to break out those
bright sequined pants you bought on a whim and have since sat in the back of your closet. You’ll
want to pair your pants with a top that has a stylish cut, but is monotone in color. Buying tops in bulk
wholesale will allow you to change it up, without having to buy more sequined pants than is necessary.

This winter you’ll want to stay bundled and bold. Whether you stay warm with a great pair of bright
purple wedge boots or a long military jacket, standing out is the name of the game. Staying cozy and
still hitting the dance floor? Who doesn’t love winter fashion!

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