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Wholesale Accessories for Fall

Wholesale Accessories for Fall

As the heat of summer starts to wane and the leaves begin to turn, one must plan for the coming change of the seasons. While there are certainly always updates to be made in clothing, one of the biggest mistakes women make is failing to update their accessories. With new trendy options available, this is one season not to skip this essential part of any stylish wardrobe.

Ever since the royal wedding, hats have made a comeback both in the United Kingdom and here in the United States. While we all certainly don’t have a regular invitation to occasions which would require a fancy piece of headware with all the ribbons and frills as an opulent wedding, this is one accessory you don’t want to forget.

Fall’s hats are as varied as everything under the sun, with sizes ranging from a beach ball to a petite tea cup. Hats are the finishing touch for every fall look, making it best to buy wholesale accessories. Whether you can’t get over the Little Red Riding Hood hooded red hat, or are falling for a gangster-esque burgundy hat with a purple satin ribbon, you can’t go wrong with wholesale accessories this season.

One of the best things about fall is the ability to layer different textures, bringing a whole new look to just one simple outfit. The luxurious materials this season, including satin, faux snake skin, faux fur, leather, suede, and velvet look amazing when brought together to make one fashionable collage. Surprising combinations can be found on the same wholesale accessories, whether you are looking for bags or shoes.

Once again, faux fur has made a comeback in the wardrobes of the posh and fabulous. While some stars opt for the real thing, keep in mind the needless suffering that goes into just one accessory, and look to the more affordable option of wholesale accessories with faux fur trim. After all, you never know what PETA might think of next!

Showcase your wild side with a feisty printed faux fur scarf. While previous years limited this accent to the more casual affairs, even a black tie ensemble can be glamorized with a pair of white faux fur lined stilettos. Some creative pieces may be worn as a scarf or as a stylish sash around your waist. As with many trends, limit the faux fur to just one or perhaps two pieces per outfit, or you may end up looking like a ferocious style faux paux.

Women can never have enough earrings to choose from, which makes purchasing wholesale accessories even more appetizing this season. Long, dangly earrings have returned to grace the ears of all fashionable ladies. Whether you prefer the natural, fringed earrings or the long, clunky dangles, this is one accessory you cannot skip this season.

Last but not least, gloves are essential to protect your hands to the element, but now designers have finally realized met our demand for some stylish alternatives. In luxe velvet and elbow-length styles, this is just one more of this fall’s best trends.

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