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Wholesale Apparel: Back to Summer Camp

Wholesale Apparel: Back to Summer Camp

When you think back to time spent at your favorite childhood summer camp, you likely think of the smell of the pine forest, swimming in the lake, and campfire songs. While these memories certainly have their place, many designers are now recalling the fashion of these days and offering them in their popular, high-end lines.

While the rich and famous have the cash to waste on the latest designer styles of clothing, updating their wardrobe each and every season with thousands of dollars worth of new clothing, this is simply not affordable for the average consumer. Enter wholesale apparel, with many of the same options when it comes to the latest style, at incredibly lower prices.

Remember the bucket hats that you wore to keep from getting a sunburn? These are now back in style in a big way, with colors in traditional khaki, army green, and similar muted colors to easily blend in to the summer camp woods.

Who doesn’t love their khaki shorts? Look for styles that can easily go from daytime hiking trip to sailing exhibition, with some of the most popular brands offering sleek knee-length shorts. Wholesale apparel companies often offer these in sets of a few different sizes, making it a steal to purchase with a group of friends.

Weekend days around the house aren’t complete without the most comfortable wholesale apparel you can find. Long, slouchy sweatshirts showed up on the Michael Kors runway, worn without the necessity of shorts or leggings. Imagine sleeping in comfort and waking up to sip your morning cup of coffee on the deck without having to worry about changing clothes!

Wholesale apparel companies are rolling out the cloud-print blouses in an effort to harken back to lazy days spent lying in the grass picking shapes out of the clouds. Pair one of these with a green skirt and you’ll really look the picture!

As no outfit is complete without accessories, keep an eye out for jewelry made from hemp and rope. From bracelets to necklaces, some creative companies are now producing items that incorporate climbing hardware, adding a colorful, campy punch.

Leather backpacks in khaki colors and turquoise add an appropriate touch to wholesale apparel for the summer camp look. Cute little mini-backpacks and bags with leather tassels add to the illusion of a carefree summer.

Campshirts are an essential part of the summer camp trend. Chosen in shades of brown, they can be buttoned up or left open. Dress it up under a summer suit, or down with a white tube top underneath with a pair of pocketed khaki shorts.

Camp friends could never leave on another without trading friendship bracelets. In a number of manufactured styles and colors, why not purchase a lot along with your wholesale apparel and share them with your friends?

One of the best things about this fashion trend is that all of the pieces easily go together to make a cohesive outfit. Remember the good old days and slip into some good old summer camp clothes today.

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