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Wholesale Clothing Q&A: Winter Time

Wholesale Clothing Q&A: Winter Time

While it may be 90 degrees and sweltering outside right now, retailers and designers are already in full swing in their planning for the winter months. Collections specifically for the holiday season usually pop up in stores in October, and while these particular types of clothing aren’t available as long as most others, holiday collections make up almost fifty percent of the annual income for many retailers.

Since stores are understandably trying to make as much income as possible from this type of clothing, consumers often find themselves paying out much more than they anticipated for the latest fashions. However, by simply switching your spending habits to an online wholesale clothing website, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on your wardrobe.

Can I still wear short cocktail dresses in the winter?

Anyone that lives in a climate where it is warm year round (lucky!) can easily get away with wearing just about whatever they want in the winter, however short. For the rest of us less fortunate ones, though, a short dress worn in the winter requires some thought. Naturally, we won’t be comfortable if we’re freezing our buns off, but we also sometimes feel like showing a little leg during the doldrums of winter.

A short cocktail dress would be best worn with some tights, especially those have special accents such as tiny polka dots or sparkles if the dress is rather plain. For a sparkly, look at me dress, however, go for hose or tights that are sheer and skin the patterns. Be sure to take your shoes into account; you don’t want support toe hose peeking through your peep toe shoes.

Also consider purchasing wholesale clothing wraps or cute cardigans to keep you looking like fashionable yet warm.

Is animal print too “heavy” in the winter?

Absolutely not! Since many women tend to wear neutrals such as brown and black more in the winter, animal print is especially welcome for its ability to go so well with these colors. However, avoid mixing animal prints or wearing a huge floor length animal print coat, or you’ll simply look gaudy. Rather, many wholesale clothing websites offer accessories in animal print that are cute and affordable.

What about jewel tones- can anyone pull them off?

As always, if you don’t feel comfortable in an ensemble, you’re most likely going to look it. While fashion is the name of the game, you simply must look for wholesale clothing that is within your comfort zone. Jewel tones can indeed be worn by anyone, and are especially welcome in the dead of winter. There is really only one caution with wearing jewel toned wholesale clothing, and that is to avoid mixing and matching jewel tones. Instead, purchase few pieces that you love and wear with them with classic black. While white is indeed welcome in the winter time now, pairing wholesale clothing with jewel tones will make you look like you accidentally dressed for a spring outing.

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