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Wholesale Fashion Handbags- What’s Hot and what’s Not This Season

Wholesale Fashion Handbags- What’s Hot and what’s Not This Season

Even if you aren’t yet in a mood to revamp your wardrobe, investing in a handbag or two from wholesale fashion handbags is a great way to add that glamour to even your most outdated outfits. Each season brings with it a whole new burst of trends and styles, and this spring-summer hasn’t been any different. Here’s a look at some of the hottest trends in handbags this season-

  1. Pastel hues- Pastel colors just scream “stylish”, and if you are a fan of pastel in your wardrobe, getting a pastel-shaded handbag is a great way to incorporate these whimsical colors in your fashion trove. You can even pair a soft pastel handbag with matching wholesale fashion shoes for that extra oomph.
  2. Snakeskin mixed with leather- Snakeskin is one trend in handbags that has been around for quite a while now, and seems in no mood to take a bow yet. So if you still don’t have that one fabulous snakeskin bag yet, you can buy one this season. Mixing textures is in like never before, so getting one that’s paired with leather is a great way to achieve a demure-yet-trendy look, perfect to go with your formal wholesale dresses for office.
  3. Not-so-basic-black- There are certain looks that can just not be completed with a classic black bag, so if you want to keep it safe, black can still be relied upon this season. There’s a lot to choose from at wholesale fashion outlets, including printed designs, texture, bling, embroidery, fur, and some very interesting shapes.
  4. Fur- Astrakhan, delicate, huge, and more!- Astrakhan fur, which is close-cropped and super-soft lamb fur, has made its strong presence felt on nearly every designer’s ramp this season, right from Dior to Fendi. Whether you are indulging in this regal trend, or going for bags with short fur panels on the side, fur is one trend that you cannot go wrong with. Pair a fur bag with delicate wholesale fashion accessories, and unleash the magic!
  5. Velvet meets bling- Incorporating the lushness of velvet with some serious bling is a sure shot ticket to trend-villa. This is your best bet for a formal, expensive, look that will look as good at a black-tie affair as it will on a fun night out with the girls. You can get some amazing deals on velvet bags at fashion wholesale stores.

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