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Wholesale Fashion Hats for Summer

Wholesale Fashion Hats for Summer

Though some individuals think that hats should only be used practically, to keep one’s head warm in the cold months of winter, anyone with fashion sense knows that this is simply not the case anymore. In fact, Google reports searches for straw hats in the summer months reaching 60,000 per month and higher on average, making this one wholesale fashion accessory that cannot be ignored.

Purchasing hats from a wholesaler can save you a surprising amount of money, while ensuring that you remain in style and covered when you want to be. For the price of one hat at a retailer, you can likely purchase a number of them from a wholesale fashion company. Whether you decide to stockpile the hats for later years, give them as gifts, or sell them on an online auction site, you can’t go wrong with such low prices.

Straw hats have never gone out of style, and are expected to stay that way in years to come. Lindu straw hats are considered the best choice for practical outdoor work in the summer, as they provide excellent protection from the sun without leaving you dripping in sweat. Maize hats are perfect for almost any need, and are made from dried corn and maize stocks to ensure nothing goes to waste in the harvesting process.

Morrocan straw hats are used more often for cute, yet practical, cowboy hats, as they keep their shape more easily. However, they are not best for extremely dry climates as the straw is more apt to break. Bamboo fashion hats are ideal for lifeguards, as well as for any weekend running errands. Usually made with a high crown, these look particularly attractive with shoulder-length hear.

Palm straw hats are generally made in Mexico, and are available at a variety of price points. Higher strands per inch rations result in higher quality, and thus more expensive, wholesale fashion hats. Styles range from Panama hats to cowboy hats. The most popular type of seagrass hat is the golfer hat, which is made of twisted seagrass in an open weave and finished with a lacquer. Any given seagrass hat may be made up of a variety of different species of marsh or sea grass, usually those growing in China.

For weddings, wholesale fashion hats are often wide-brimmed. The ribbon hat is ideal for traveling, as it may literally be folded up and packed in a suitcase, only to be ready to wear at the next appropriate event. Made up of alternating bands of wide grosgrain ribbon, the two- toned look is often the most desirable.

As shows such as Madmen soar in popularity, both men and women are getting in on the style by rocking the fedora style hat. Straw fedoras are the least expensive way to get in on the trend, but anyone looking for a more polished look will likely appreciate the traditional, stingy brim fedora.

Whatever you decide is before for you or your business when it comes to wholesale fashion hats, don’t be left behind when it comes to this hardworking, stylish accessory.

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