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Wholesale tops: College Wardrobe to Office Wardrobe Transition Made Easy!

Wholesale tops: College Wardrobe to Office Wardrobe Transition Made Easy!

As a final-year student, you probably already have enough on your mind to have to worry about what you’ll wear months from now, when you get your first job. However, it’s wise to start thinking and acting right now, unless you want to end up desperately searching for an acceptable outfit on the night before your first job interview. Making a few wise choices in your college wardrobe can help to make the transition to office wear a lot easier. It’s as simple as choosing a ruffled white blouse over a sleeveless top on your next shopping escapade.

There’s a lot to choose from in wholesale tops that can make the cut for college-meets-office clothing. Just remember to keep the shades neutral as far as possible, and avoid anything that’s even mildly provocative. When you are finally ready to step into the office milieu, you by no means need to shun the vibrant outfits that defined you through your college years. Even though some of them like the jeans with holes and the flip-flops just have to go, with just a little improvisation, you can incorporate most of your college wholesale tops into your office wardrobe.

The first thing that you need to do to get started is invest in some basic wholesale clothes for the base of your office wear. This should include a business suit, a blazer, a pencil skirt, and some blouses. You can now think of different ways to mix and match things from your old wardrobe with these new pieces from wholesale clothing stores. For instance, you can conceal a tank top in a single bold color under a blazer, to be able to add some color to your outfit without going OTT.

The blazer can be a great tool to make your favorite wholesale fashion dresses office-worthy as well. You can pair the formal shirt from your suit with well-fitted jeans, and pair the trousers with a casual blouse from your college wardrobe. By inter-crossing outfits that way, you can literally double the number of wholesale clothes in your wardrobe.

If there is one thing you must invest in, let it be your footwear, because that’s something that’s definitely not going to go unnoticed in the office. With a few wholesale fashion shoes like classic black pumps, beige pumps, pencil heels, and a few flats, you should be well-equipped for nearly a year.

Another wardrobe essential that you might need to spend some bucks on is an oversized bag. As opposed to college where you needed several bags for your different looks, one classy bag will do at office. Make sure it’s an understated, yet practical one that will hold all that you need for a day at work. You can get some amazing deals on high-quality wholesale fashion bags.

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